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animals that nourish their young with milk

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For most female mammals (those that express estrous cycles as adults), puberty is typically assumed to be completed when an individual first expresses sexual receptivity (estrus).
In female mammals, ODC levels are known to rise during ovulation, when the egg cell matures and is released from the ovary.
The follow-up study to a 2004 paper validates the hypothesis that female mammals continue producing egg cells into adulthood.
An offspring-defence hypothesis for territoriality in female mammals.
For female mammals (who tend to be highly discriminating in selecting mates), their minimal costs arc far more extensive, include forgoing mating opportunities while in gestation, and all the costs--in about 95% of mammalian species--of fostering young.
Pheromone Sciences Corporation (Toronto, Canada), a developer of fertility prediction medical devices for both human and large animal applications, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued United States Patent 6,592,529 covering Pheromone's sensing and reporting technology in the early prediction of ovulation for female mammals, including humans, using innovative measurements of sweat ion concentrations.
The results indicate that transplanted ovarian tissue may be used to regenerate reproductive cells for a wide variety of female mammals.
The news from the laboratories and farms today is not good for women or for other female mammals.
They have shown that restricting the caloric intake of adult female mice prevents a spectrum of abnormalities, such as extra or missing copies of chromosomes, which arise more frequently in egg cells of aging female mammals.
The theory that female mammals are born with a finite number of germ cells (oocytes) has been accepted as an unquestionable truth for over 50 years.
A study in mice appears to overturn the long-held assumption that female mammals are born with all the eggs they'll ever have.
Colostrum is the most highly nutritious part of milk, a substance rich in protein, growth factors and immune factors, and secreted by all female mammals in the first few days of lactation following birth.
We know that stress on female mammals influences the development of their young, which takes place in the womb, but it was a big surprise that social stress causes such changes in the level of hormones in the yolks of birds' eggs," said Mostl.
Female mammals are born with millions of dormant eggs, but only a small fraction ever mature into cells with reproductive potential.