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the organ that bears the ovules of a flower

(vertebrates) one of usually two organs that produce ova and secrete estrogen and progesterone

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4B; the female gonad is orange whereas the male gonad is white) was observed when the gonad matured.
Serial sections of female gonads were used to analyze the relative density of ovarian structures.
Brown cells were found in all male and female gonads of oysters from Hsiangshan, and in all male gonads of oysters from Chiku (Table 4).
Sex was recorded as sexually undifferentiated (0), female, hermaphrodite with mostly female gonad (HF), hermaphrodite (H), hermaphrodite with mostly male gonad (HM), or male.
notabilis experienced continuous reproduction throughout the year, including several spawning events in male and female gonads.
Except for the gills, pmDmrt2 mRNA was not transcribed in the mantle, digestive diverticulum, adductor muscle, and female gonad.
In Donax semistriatus (Poli, 1795), Donax venustus (Poli, 1795), and Donax vittatus (Da Costa, 1778), the female gonad is reddish and the male one is whitish (Tirado & Salas 1999).
In the current study, trematode infection mostly occurred in the female gonad, and some animals were castrated as a result of heavy infection of trematode sporocysts.
5 mm), gonads were either white or green, with spermatozoa contributing the white-colored gonad of the male and the green eggs causing the color of the female gonad (Fig.
Exposure of a monosex population of male carp to 17[beta]-estradiol (10 [micro]g/L) for 90 days resulted in phenotypic female gonad containing oviduct and oocytes (10), and in Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes), exposure to 17[beta]-estradiol (1 [micro]g/L) for 90 days beginning 1 DPH resulted in complete feminization (30).
Serial dilutions of the vitellogenic hemolymph, vitellogenic female gonad, purified Vtg/Vn, and a control sample of male hemolymph were assayed by ELISA to perform a comparison with the standard curve.
Because of its effects on gametogenesis and steroidogenesis, Cd is detrimental to both male and female gonads in adults.
Sertoli cells and granulosa cells are the main sources of AMH production in male and female gonads, respectively.