female circumcision

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excision of the clitoris

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According to White (2001), this Act protects children from having female circumcision forced on them by generations before them.
This could be indicative of the fact Educated women may come to a better understanding of the potential risks of genital mutilation are less likely to agree to do it for their daughters Practice of female circumcision reduces the spread of education because the parents become increasingly educated about the girls tend to avoid doing that The illiterate yet popular traditions of deference or because of the belief that cutting off the clitoris of the female libido and reduced.
Ansar Burney recently visited Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Somali-land and other African countries this regards to create awareness against female circumcision (FGM), human trafficking, slavery and Terrorism and urged upon UN to take action to save young girls from humiliation and violation of human dignity.
6 per cent of married women in Egypt had been exposed to female circumcision and that 69.
Female Circumcision in the Sudan: Prevalence, complications, attitudes and change.
The lowest rates of support (411%) occurred in the three countries where genital cutting was least common: Ghana, Niger and Toga Nevertheless, in six of the 10 countries, more than 25% of women believed that female circumcision should continue.
Now 10 per cent are from African countries where female circumcision is prevalent.
During the conference, there were several sessions on female genital mutilation (FGM) also known as female circumcision, including an "End FGM" concert and a call for support of the UN Global Ban against the practice.
There is also a chapter devoted to child exorcism, and a chapter on male and female circumcision and the secret history of female genital cutting in America.
It was this experience that would later stimulate a series raising questions about female circumcision.
SOMALI supermodel Wasai Dirie and Sengalese hip-hop star are two of the African women leading successful campaigns against the widespread practice of female circumcision.
The issue of female circumcision is hyped up by the media.
The Minister of Women's Empowerment said "We encourage female circumcision to be medicalised and practiced by trained health personnel to avoid further harm".
It is divided into six chapters, entitled, respectively, "the Controversy", "Religion and the Social Behavior of Kenyans", "the Debate over Female Circumcision", "Sexuality, Gender and Religion in Kenya," "Religion and Female Circumcision," and "Transforming Attitudes toward Female Circumcision.
Cairo The death of a girl due to female circumcision this week, the first to be reported in two years, has sparked fears in Egypt that the banned practice is more rife than believed.