female chest

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the chest of a woman

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Carrying female chest well up into middle voice is a pernicious technique sometimes used by entertainers, singers of musical comedy, rock, soul or belting .
An expert hired by Cozy Cabin relied on underwear and cola ads to show that male pectorals have become as erotically charged as the female chest between the second and sixth rib.
In her discussion of registration, she states that the thyroartyenoid muscles are passive in the female chest register, and active in the head register.
There will be a male and female chest and stomach on the figure which will still have only two legs and one bald head.
In fact, his eyes never left her (admittedly splendiferous) cleavage during the whole of the interview and afterwards on The Word, the female chest attributes were known either as "a nice pair of Lionels" or "gorgeous Rachels".
Nikki Sixx smashed his bass up at the end of a blistering Kickstart Your Heart and Tommy Lee got up-close-and-personal with several female chests in the front row via his videocam.
Rose Street thronged with female chests displaying slogans that ranged from 'Ruddock's Dragons' to 'Scrum And Get It'.