female bonding

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the formation of a close personal relationship between women

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Secondly, by bringing the dynamics of female bonding to the surface in a series of plays that, on the part of feminist theater scholars, have either been neglected--most clearly The Best of Strangers--or discussed mainly with regard to the body politics of breast cancer (Deshazer 2003; 2005; 2013).
Pseudo female bonding refers to moments that appear as bonding between two women, but are actually fleeting moments used to further one woman's goals.
It would seem, then, that the mother-daughter relationship in Getting Out challenges Greiner's claims as to the existence of a stronger bonding between females: "The pivotal moment in female bonding may be the birth of a daughter; some clinical theorists conclude that mothers bond more forcefully with daughters than with sons" (1993: 34).
8) My aim for the rest of this discussion will be, therefore, to canvass the tragic genre with respect to Giraldi's exemplars and the textual traces of friendship: its terminology, its connections to gender, and, ultimately, its manifestation into various forms of female bonding.
The pair of them end up trapped inside Billy's front room doing a bit of female bonding - that's when they're not screaming for help.
Chicana friendship novels do not suggest that relationships between women are utopic, nor that all heterosexual relationships are innately dysfunctional and/ or abusive; but what connects these novels of female bonding and friendship is precisely what I will argue in my discussion of Loving Pedro Infante: female friendship between the Chicana characters grants the women a safe space in which to challenge, resist, and critique gender roles and racial stereotypes that attempt to marginalize them and limit their possibilities of self-hood.
So the female bonding that occurs within the household among mother cats and their grown daughters may be similar to the bonding that occurs in the wild between female cats.
The other thing is how well Gupta has utilised female bonding to move forward his story.
And in addition to the exercise and the female bonding, "kayaking keeps our hearts young.
In hook's opinion, racism exists in the writings of white feminist, and as a result, female bonding is difficult in the face of ethnic and racial differences.
Observers expect a rash of "Sex and the City" clones centered on female bonding, some sure to fall short, to go into production soon.
From the female bonding to the interesting and quite surprising profile of the killer, this book provides enough food for thought to make it interesting beyond the simple mystery level.
Believe that alcohol facilitates female bonding (chi-square = 11.
A heist film that's both hard to buy and not very interesting -- wow, they're usually one or the other, but rarely both -- this thing tries to fill in the empty spaces with female bonding.
Behind all this female bonding are very serious issues.