female bonding

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the formation of a close personal relationship between women

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There's a lot of female bonding in The Other Woman, bolstered by the most over-active soundtrack in recent memory ('Girls Just Want to Have Fun' is in there, of course).
Sandwiched in the Royal Court season between the lads of The Full Monty and Bouncers, Ladies Day is all about female bonding, with just a token gentleman cast member in Jack Lord who shows his versatility in halfa-dozen roles including factory factotum, sleazy TV racing pundit and a lonely jockey.
The woman who treats the whole thing like a joke, an exercise in female bonding with the abortion clinic staff?
Gal pals from across metro Detroit will gather for a free evening of fun, food, frivolity and female bonding at Art Van Furniture's 'Ladies' Night Out' event on Sunday, February 8 from 6 to 9 p.
The other thing is how well Gupta has utilised female bonding to move forward his story.
And in addition to the exercise and the female bonding, "kayaking keeps our hearts young.
In hook's opinion, racism exists in the writings of white feminist, and as a result, female bonding is difficult in the face of ethnic and racial differences.
From the female bonding to the interesting and quite surprising profile of the killer, this book provides enough food for thought to make it interesting beyond the simple mystery level.
The pair of them end up trapped inside Billy's front room doing a bit of female bonding - that's when they're not screaming for help.
Brittany is like my best friend,'' affirms 9-year-old Dakota Fanning (``I Am Sam,'' TV's ``Taken''), who co-stars with Murphy in the female bonding comedy ``Uptown Girls,'' opening today.
Charlie's Angels (15) is one film that attempts to appeal to both halves of the highly lucrative youth market, combining lots of female bonding and kick-ass action.
My friend Vanessa, a rather well-known divorce lawyer, has an interesting view on the growing popularity of female bonding.
Boozy nights, female bonding, duplicitous blokes, dastardly drama -so far, so chick-lit.
March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The Miami Bombshells are planning their third camp after bringing together women from all over the country for female bonding, fun, good health and well-being as they live like kids again.
Let's tell them from another point of view so we'll stop thinking they are simply harmless female bonding lessons, and see them for the self-hate horror stories that they really are.