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Synonyms for triad

Synonyms for triad

Synonyms for triad

the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

a set of three similar things considered as a unit

three people considered as a unit

a three-note major or minor chord


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Both athletes and nonathletes participating in any sports and exercise can develop symptoms of the female athlete triad.
The survey included the Epidemiology of Prolapse and Incontinence Questionnaire (EPIQ) and the Pelvic Girdle Pain Questionnaire (PGPQ), both of which are validated tools; the Female Athlete Triad Screening Questionnaire, which is endorsed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association; and various medical and demographic questions.
If the Female Athlete Triad proves the culprit, it's critical to treat it as soon as possible.
Prevalence of the female athlete triad syndrome among high school athletes.
Harm caused by the female athlete triad is reversible if caught early and caloric intake or exercise levels are corrected," Jayanthi said.
Educational efforts aimed at preventing the female athlete triad are lacking, according to Dr.
The Female Athlete Triad is a medical condition often observed in active girls and women.
Eating disorders sourcebook; basic consumer health information about anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other eating disorders and related concerns, such as compulsive exercise, female athlete triad, and body dysmorphic disorder, including details about risk factors, warning signs, adverse health effects, methods of prevention, treatment options, and the recovery process.
Harber emphasized the risk of the Female Athlete Triad is an area that urgently needs attention for young female athletes.
Elizabeth Shea, coordinator of the Indiana University Contemporary Dance Program, suspected that the student might suffer from the Female Athlete Triad.
SEATTLE--Education and the collaborative efforts of a team of professionals are important for preventing the female athlete triad, according to Sharon H.
Most notably, these bright and talented physicians have furthered our understanding of the female athlete triad, the risk factors for sports-specific injuries, and the mechanisms which influence alterations in the athlete's heart in response to vigorous training.