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Synonyms for felt

a fabric made of compressed matted animal fibers

mat together and make felt-like

cover with felt

Related Words

change texture so as to become matted and felt-like

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Managing Patient Expectations and Improving Patient Outcomes: Cindy Felty, RN-CNP, FCCWS
Felty can, with a quick glance and a few questions, pull a few suits off the rack he thinks will work for the customer.
And for the last six years it has had the Felty twins as resident on-screen handicappers.
On many levels in the play, people struggle to retain their inherent goodness while they fight against what their worldly values tell them to do,'' said director Catherine Felty, the Playhouse assistant stage production manager.
Such an accolade is something in which Felty and the Plains board of directors take a great deal of pride.
and Kevin Felty, general manager of Plains Telephone Cooperative (Joes, Colo.
21) As Felty was bent over the open rear ramp spotting for AAA fire, an SA-7 hit the aircraft a few feet away from him, spraying fragments through the back compartment.
Others in the running this year include Linda Haglund (see the Business Person of the Year category), Marcy Collins of Collins Fashions, Ken Martin of Cashmere Valley Bank, Audrey Bessonette of Peoples Bank and, not surprisingly, Ban Felty of Mills Bros.
Felty, "Possible Effects of Gas Caps on SAGD Performance," Report to the Alberta Environment and Alberta Energy Utilities Board, Canada, March 1997.
Although the runners train independently, Felty helps them design their work-out schedule and develop strategy and plans for the race when the team comes together the week before the nationals and a week before the Marine Corps Marathon.
Romatoid nodul, eritema elevatum diutinum, pyoderma gangrenozum, Felty sendromu, IgA vaskuliti, lineer IgA hastaligi, Sjogren sendromu, bulloz pemfigoid ve sari tirnak sendromu RA ile birlikteligi bildirilen dermatozlardir (7-8).
King, Felty and Susel, 1998 and Kierkegaard, 1962) and the effect that authenticity has on democratic discourse.
Elizabeth is survived by her loving children, Linda Carre (Fred) Looft of Leicester, MA, Bonnie Carre of Ann Arbor, MI, Debbie (Christopher Watts) Adoree of Eagle Springs, NC, Jacqueline Bishop of Southern Pines, NC and John (Mia) Carre of Pinehurst, NC; six grandchildren, Michael Bishop, Eric (Holly) Bishop, Robert (Heather) Bishop, Matthew (Abigail) Looft, Jennifer (David) Felty Chandonnet, and John N.
25, 1921, in Milton-Freewater to Arthur and Dora Felty Wright.