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made by combining fibers with a binder using heat and pressure

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They want to learn how to make felted pumpkins so that they can make pumpkin centerpieces for Hansen's wedding next October.
The two methods can be combined - a wet felted landscape is enhanced with needle felted mountains or animals, for example.
Rich makes scarves and accessories - a faux-watch cuff, for example - but confesses to a love of felted desserts; view her four-layer cake and three years of felted Thanksgiving dinners created for a Portland knitting store at her website, LeBrie.
Picture Yourself Felting Your Knitting: Step-by-Step Instruction for Perfectly Felted Crafts" is a guide to assist knitting enthusiasts everywhere in the practice of felting their work.
Some examples: Trapezoid Bag, Bag of Many Pockets, Nuno Felt Wrap, Stained Glass Sweater Pillow, and Patchwork Felted Jacket.