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a pen with a writing tip made of felt (trade name Magic Marker)

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We've teamed up with Poundworld, to offer you a FREE set of 30 felt tip pens.
Make sure you don't miss out - claim your free set of 30 felt tip pens from your nearest Poundworld today.
If we all agree that the godfather of British indie was Edwyn Collins, then his DNA is all over The Felt Tips.
Since forming on Largs beach last summer, Glasgow-based quartet The Felt Tips have been making a name for themselves with their brand of melodic indie pop.
In true Daisy style, she finds a black felt tip and draws on a moustache, finds some essential dark glasses, arms herself with James Bond-style gadgets (hairdryer, brush and perfume bottle) and speaks in code.
They used all types of materials, from felt tips to pastille crayons, to draw and design pictures of furniture and accessories in the style of the Art Deco era of 1910 to 1939.
A sharp pencil is often better, but lines can be hard to see on some surfaces and can get erased easily, so have both pencils and thin felt tips to hand.
see the works of Sisley, an Englishman who made a big impression (right), or pick up some felt tips
The last time I flew on holiday I was sandwiched in cattle class between the kids - that was after the flight delay - trying to keep both entertained with puzzle books, felt tips and attempts at getting the little tray to stay upright in the seat in front.
The mima, or Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, education outreach team helped children create floor drawings using a special kit including sweeping brushes with pens for bristles, customised felt tips, foot felts and belt felts.
Now I pick up the kids' felt tips and crayons at the supermarket.
And setting the pace are the youngsters from Roscoe county primary school in Tuebrook who got out their felt tips to get the competition rolling.
Expensive clobber is all well and good but not if it's at risk from the combined forces of Weetabix and Crayolla felt tips.
YOU WILL NEED: Coffee filter papers (or you can use tissue paper or kitchen roll instead) Scissors Felt tip pens Wooden pegs Pipe cleaners (optional) METHOD TAKE a coffee filter paper and trim off the patterned edge.
So keen, in fact, that I recall watching my mum apply her orange lippy (it was the Seventies) and realising I could achieve the same effect with my colourful collection of felt tip pens.