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Synonyms for felt

a fabric made of compressed matted animal fibers

mat together and make felt-like

cover with felt

Related Words

change texture so as to become matted and felt-like

References in classic literature ?
I'll go and see it again to-night for the last time," he said; "it'll do me good; it'll make me feel over again what I felt when I'd knocked him down.
Arthur felt the answer keenly, and it was not without an effort that he spoke again.
Natasha did not understand what he was saying any more than he did himself, but she felt that his incomprehensible words had an improper intention.
And again she felt with horror that no barrier lay between him and her.
He felt that he had not the strength to go off in search of a house.
He did not know whether he was dying or falling asleep, but felt equally prepared for the one as for the other.
From the time he came home I felt only pity--a pity that hurt and wrung me.
And that night I felt that a merciless hand was drawing me back into the cage--back to a torture even more terrible than it had once been.
It was a great affection that he felt for her, and he liked her company; it was curiously soothing; and he had a feeling for her which seemed to him ridiculous to entertain towards a shop-girl of nineteen: he respected her.
His heart gave a sudden, quick beat, and he felt the colour leave his cheeks.
She felt that the parting could not be effected suddenly.
Remember what you felt weeks ago," she began, with beseeching earnestness; "remember what we both felt,--that we owed ourselves to others, and must conquer every inclination which could make us false to that debt.
I felt rather hurt about this at first; it seemed somehow to be a sort of slight.
I explained to George and William Harris how I felt when I got up in the morning, and William Harris told us how he felt when he went to bed; and George stood on the hearth-rug, and gave us a clever and powerful piece of acting, illustrative of how he felt in the night.
Casaubon felt a surprise which was quite unmixed with pleasure, but he did not swerve from his usual politeness of greeting, when Will rose and explained his presence.