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any of a group of hard crystalline minerals that consist of aluminum silicates of potassium or sodium or calcium or barium

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Geologists will notice that the mineral felspar is described as an igneous rock (p.
8 per cent mainly due to softening iron ore prices by 24 per cent and felspar by 3 per cent.
He suffered a broken leg as a result of the accident, which occured at Archer Structures' base in Felspar Road, Amington Industrial Estate in Tamworth.
In 1820, Rose received the Gold Medal of the Royal Society of Arts for a new felspar china with leadless glaze, a discovery which was a major life-saver as well as a fillip to the business.
The most common minerals are: plagioclase, K felspar, quartz, biotite, hornblende, and apatite, zircon, magnetite as accessories.
The stones are often multi-coloured showing the presence of many minerals - mica, pink felspar and quartz.
Felspar has enhanced its TeamViews intranet applications suite for the control of business critical processes within large companies with a new module called Accounts Control.
The run-of-the-mine beryl was washed with jets of water to remove clay and then dumped on metal-covered tables where it was inspected by pickers of the Achirima and Lomwe tribes; they seemed to have a high natural ability to remove pieces of quartz, felspar, topaz and some lithium minerals that are look-alikes for beryl.
Veteran Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels, who plays - or at least sits inside - the robot C3PO, has invested 20,000 pounds ($31,700) of his cash into London-based billing software and services start-up Felspar Ltd.
Principal gangue minerals are sericite, chlorite, quartz, calcite (and lesser dolomite), potassic felspar, graphite and barite.
The host rocks are Jurassic limestones and Eocene volcanics which have been intruded by quartz felspar stocks and dikes.
Many minerals have more than one name as example the following four group examples being the same: [silica, quart, and flint]; {whiting and calcium carbonate]; [lithium felspar and Spodumene]; and [china clay, EPK, and kaolin].
A typical porcelain body may have been 66 percent kaolin, 30 percent felspar and 4 percent soapstone.
On July 26 last year, householder Darren Owens was woken by his wife screaming and ran downstairs to see Cooper climbing out of a kitchen window at their home in Felspar Road, Kirkby.
This was produced following the discovery of a British source of felspar on the Wales-Shropshire border in 1819.