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involving or being or having the nature of a crime


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The first, Killed in the Line of Duty in 1992, was a national study that examined 51 incidents in which an officer was feloniously killed in the line of duty.
The charge against them is that they did feloniously kill and slay Gwenllian Llewellyn, Cecilian Hopkins, Margaret Harris and 21 other at Aberavon.
Suppose, for the illustration, that the dispensary is legally incorporated; that it is owned and operated by a single proprietor; and that it has been feloniously (under the CSA) distributing marijuana to several customers for at least one year.
Thomas Walker's House, at Montreal, on the night of the 6th Day of December, in the Year 1764, with an Intention to murder the said Thomas Walker, the other for feloniously and of Malice aforethought cutting off the Right Ear of the said Thomas Walker, with Intention thereby to disfigure him, against the Form of the Statute 22 and 23 Car.
And after, in the quest of the Sangreal, cowardly and feloniously they slew Dinadan, the which was great damage, for he was a great bourder and a passing good knight.
For that they have grounded suspicion that the said Elwell, Dike, and Rowe have wickedly and feloniously committed sundry acts of witchcraft.
Adams was taken to Richmond police station and subsequently appeared at a special sitting of the petty sessions, charged that he did, 'between November 1938 and June 30, 1939, feloniously record information relating to His Majesty's forces which is calculated to be or might be, directly or indirectly, useful to an enemy', contrary to the 1911 Official Secrets Act.
and I am in the bushes, keeping watch, feloniously thinking, the one
In 1879 he received his first sentence as an adult, for feloniously receiving.
Narrative presentations provide detailed summaries concerning the death of each officer feloniously killed in the line of duty that year.
Until the mid-19th century our common law was still responsible for the execution of sodomites charged with "wickedly, devilishly, feloniously, and against the order of nature [committing that] sodomitical, detestable, and abominable sin called buggery (not to be named among Christians) to the Great Displeasure of Almighty God and to the disgrace of mankind" (Davenport-Hines, 1991).
Our office was the leader in establishing a program to prosecute those gang members who feloniously re-enter the country," Cooley said.
1) Violation of the 92nd Article of War, with the further specification that "with malice and aforethought, [he] willfully, deliberately, feloniously, unlawfully, and with premeditation kill[ed] one, J.
And thus the aforesaid jurymen for the said lord king say that the aforesaid Edward Oxley, John Holmden, Sidney Francis, and William Beach in the manner and form aforesaid did feloniously beat and kill the aforementioned Edward Calveley contrary to the peace of the said lord king, his Crown, and dignity etc.