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Synonyms for felonious

involving or being or having the nature of a crime


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On November 8, 2017, Trotter was convicted of felonious health care fraud conspiracy and health care fraud for more than $28 million in cash and property.
With this NBI conducting the investigation, the secretary expressed confidence that "those individuals who are responsible for this felonious act will be held liable.
With this, we are confident that those individuals who are responsible for this felonious act will be held accountable,' he explained in a statement.
The boy's mother, Larissa Maria Rodriguez has reportedly been taken into custody and will be charged with murder and felonious assault on Thursday.
Her attacker, 42-year-old Michael Slager, was sentenced in December to 11 years in prison for felonious assault, aggravated arson and possession of criminal tools.
Television shows such as Leverage, Hustle, and White Collar depict characters whose felonious styles share a common thread: creativity.
Three people were arrested during the protests for "aggravated riot, felonious assault, obstructing justice," the Cleveland police's twitter reported Saturday.
This cowardly felonious explosion would boost the Saudi people's unity and solidarity with their leadership in serving Islamic and Arab issues and facing conspiracies against Islam and Saudi Arabia," said the statement.
Mr Loughrey argued that there had been no felonious intent.
Twenty-one year-old Kendall Flucas pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery, felonious assault and conspiracy to commit murder in the September beating of the delivery man in a bathroom at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.
Police say the three men are facing charges of aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, and felonious assault.
A reader asked where all those Rands--former North Little Rock residents Tony and his five felonious sons--are serving their prison time for various oil and gas scams that totaled some $110 million.
According to Madden, Lohan has been the subject of press articles that "characterise him as a drug-abusing, felonious stock trader as opposed to the decent, honorable guy I know" - "hopefully his memoir will prove redemptive".
These felonious bands need to be rounded up before it is too late" Replying to another question, he said that in the wake of 18th constitutional amendment the maintenance of city's law & order was a provincial matter.
The 56 felonious deaths occurred in 22 states and in Puerto Rico.