fellow worker

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an associate that one works with

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QDoes A If a worker is taking up a grievance with his/her employer, then he/she also has a right under the same law to be accompanied by a trade union official or a fellow worker.
Summary: The Ras Al Khaimah Police have arrested an Asian worker who allegedly murdered his fellow worker and attempted murdering other two after a dispute over Dh500.
A YOU have the legal right to be accompanied to disciplinary hearings by a trade union official or a fellow worker of your choice.
In the Glasgow incident Mr Agis, 74, suffered back injuries when he and a fellow worker were dragged almost 30ft into the air.
Or the 28th anniversary of the miners' strike which turned worker on fellow worker, led to deaths and suicides and ripped the heart out of communities?
Kyle confessed to a fellow worker she had been taking money from the Burnbrae Road Post Office and a probe was launched.
We exposed Harold Gray, 62, his son Michael and a fellow worker for running a filthy slaughterhouse at Ilkley, North Yorkshire.
Sookie has to dire headlong into this mystery before she gets to try her hand and her mind at solving the murder of a fellow worker back home.
Furious Connie Walker, 46, is suing Chalmers bakery, Aberdeen, after a cooker exploded, spraying her and fellow worker Robert Dugan, 47, with 60lbs of meat last September.
OFFICE romances are just the job - with most believing it is acceptable to have a relationship with a fellow worker.
displays a toxic gas detector with fellow worker Joan Wolf.
Most of the staff surveyed said they had felt intimidated by a fellow worker or manager but only one in 10 would complain.
The new right to be accompanied at a disciplinary and grievance hearing by a fellow worker or a trade union official, even if the company is non-unionised, has also now come into effect and this is one of the areas covered in the code.
The company's initial challenge was to raise $10,000 for their fellow worker, but the total far surpassed expectations.
Fellow worker Mary Webb, aged 62, is a relative newcomer.
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