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an associate that one works with

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An announcement has been distributed, which identifies the 18 workers and accuses them of inciting fellow workers to go on strike last Thursday.
QDoes A If a worker is taking up a grievance with his/her employer, then he/she also has a right under the same law to be accompanied by a trade union official or a fellow worker.
A fellow worker tried to take the fan from Banks, a fight ensued, and Banks needed 32 stitches on his head.
Bulacan -- A construction worker killed a fellow worker and wounded his wife after he caught them having intercourse near their home at Barangay (village) Bahay Pare in the City of Meycauayan Tuesday (April 26).
Summary: An electrician was sentenced to two years in prison followed by deportation for stabbing a fellow worker on a work site.
Or the 28th anniversary of the miners' strike which turned worker on fellow worker, led to deaths and suicides and ripped the heart out of communities?
A YOU have the legal right to be accompanied to disciplinary hearings by a trade union official or a fellow worker of your choice.
In the Glasgow incident Mr Agis, 74, suffered back injuries when he and a fellow worker were dragged almost 30ft into the air.
Summary: The Ras Al Khaimah Police have arrested an Asian worker who allegedly murdered his fellow worker and attempted murdering other two after a dispute over Dh500.
OFFICE romances are just the job - with most believing it is acceptable to have a relationship with a fellow worker.
Kyle confessed to a fellow worker she had been taking money from the Burnbrae Road Post Office and a probe was launched.
We exposed Harold Gray, 62, his son Michael and a fellow worker for running a filthy slaughterhouse at Ilkley, North Yorkshire.
Sookie has to dire headlong into this mystery before she gets to try her hand and her mind at solving the murder of a fellow worker back home.
Furious Connie Walker, 46, is suing Chalmers bakery, Aberdeen, after a cooker exploded, spraying her and fellow worker Robert Dugan, 47, with 60lbs of meat last September.
displays a toxic gas detector with fellow worker Joan Wolf.
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