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Synonyms for fellow traveller

a communist sympathizer (but not a member of the Communist Party)

a traveler who accompanies you

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Masters met many fellow travellers and hippies - Pau and the Cyber Seventy's Cafe are both well-known among the traveller community for their laid-back atmosphere.
PASSENGERS on a plane from Israel to Britain had a shock when they realised one of their fellow travellers had an unusual item with them - a snake.
Some who never took trips also blamed disagreements with fellow travellers on where to stay.
They and all their self-seeking fellow travellers should be ashamed of themselves.
Summary: A traveller will appear in the High Court to try and stop a council from evicting her and fellow travellers from their site.
Fellow travellers tried in vain to resuscitate Ben, of Bournemouth.
We are all fellow travellers in our journey through life.
Naturally I had already spent my English money abroad and had a few pennies in my pocket, as was the case for many others, who were asking fellow travellers for money.
This was the same Tory administration that proceeded to sell offthe nations wealth - all the utilities, the railways and North Sea oil in the name of "free enterprise" which means a free opportunity for Tory fellow travellers to rape the nation in the guise of "creating wealth".
For the sake of his blushes - and his fellow travellers - it's just as well pants mean trousers across the pond.
Compagni di Viaggo, or Fellow Travellers in the English translation, was written as Bernocco commuted by train to and from work, using his Nokia 6630 mobile phone and its T9 typing system, which includes a predictive text function.
The site is full of tips from fellow travellers on everything, from where to find the best temples to which areas to avoid.
A media statement from the airline said that it "will fully utilise the capabilities of the system to ensure that passengers who wish to communicate can do so conveniently and discreetly while preserving the privacy of fellow travellers.
This research demonstrates that to gain social acceptance there's a certain way to achieve this British trait, and failure to follow the queuing code is sure to wind up your fellow travellers.
The 48-year-old man died after a struggle with fellow travellers who restrained him when he became unruly.
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