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a communist sympathizer (but not a member of the Communist Party)

a traveler who accompanies you

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I am content to leave that level of gleeful, gratuitous, and unseemly critical savagery to Stanley's fellow travelers over at The New Republic, that right-wing white-boy rag which has afforded El Croucho safe haven from which to launch his unique brand of mean-spirited critical nastiness at black targets.
A large conference table can be pulled into place between the two seats to accommodate meeting or dining with a fellow traveler.
The concept of Fellow Traveler partnerships is one of the collaboration opportunities within the wireless autonomous transducer solutions program, run by IMEC-Nederland at the Holst Centre.
By the tone of his writings in the accompanying booklet, Conrad seems to feel all right about his minimalist fellow traveler Terry Riley.
Enterprise Resilience Management constitutes the great private-sector response to the challenges posed by post-9/11 globalization and its fellow traveler, the global war on terrorism.
But fellow traveler Joanne Shiels disagreed, declaring that the station's gushing waterfalls got her attention.
Bill Deaver, TOTE, was on a flight to Alaska recently when a fellow traveler remarked that the field is in great shape
Before I clambered into the huge red boat of New York Gay Pride's grand marshal convertible, I reminded my co-marshal and fellow traveler, the activist-writer-theologian Father John McNeill, that when he was my college ethics professor he had huffed wearily that "homosexuality was nothing more than mutual masturbation.
He's wrong 100 percent of the time," Strathairn's Murrow rails against McCarthy during the movie, adding later: "Anyone who criticizes or opposes the methods of Senator Joseph McCarthy is a Communist or fellow traveler.
IN 1968 HENRI LEFEBVRE, former fellow traveler of the Situationists and occasional muse to the students of the May uprisings in Paris, wrote in Everyday Life in the Modern World, "A pure (formal) space defines the world of terror.
Huntington concludes his book with a "Postscript" that enlists Aemilia Lanyer as a potentially prophetic fellow traveler during a time in which James I "close [d] down" the "utopian promise" that Huntington thinks Chapman and others "envision[ed]" (147).
The words of poet Robert Frost come to mind: "if design govern in a thing so small"; can it be the design of providence that, as one follows an aimless path, one is accosted by a fellow traveler with the stretched and haggard look unique to the smoke-deprived?
Will they demand the resignation of a fellow traveler who simultaneously denied he has used drugs for nine years and swears he's ready to pack his bags and go into a drug rehabilitation program tomorrow?
Mondavi, founder of the trailblazing Robert Mondavi Winery, believed in the region and he counts Domaine Chandon as a fellow traveler.
The most significant fellow traveler, though, is Afonso (Jean Yves Gautier), a Frenchman of Portuguese descent who doesn't speak his father's tongue but is determined to make contact with his Iberian relatives for the first time.
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