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a communist sympathizer (but not a member of the Communist Party)

a traveler who accompanies you

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IMEC joined Alcatel's Research Partnership Program in 2003 and as such, by joining the Holst Centre as a Fellow Traveler partner, we will have access to valuable information which will help us steer our research programs on next generation fixed access network infrastructures and residential multimedia applications based on opportunities created by sensor networks," says Thierry Van Landegem, Chief Technology Officer of Alcatel in Belgium.
By the tone of his writings in the accompanying booklet, Conrad seems to feel all right about his minimalist fellow traveler Terry Riley.
Enterprise Resilience Management constitutes the great private-sector response to the challenges posed by post-9/11 globalization and its fellow traveler, the global war on terrorism.
But fellow traveler Joanne Shiels disagreed, declaring that the station's gushing waterfalls got her attention.
Will they demand the resignation of a fellow traveler who simultaneously denied he has used drugs for nine years and swears he's ready to pack his bags and go into a drug rehabilitation program tomorrow?
Mondavi, founder of the trailblazing Robert Mondavi Winery, believed in the region and he counts Domaine Chandon as a fellow traveler.
The most significant fellow traveler, though, is Afonso (Jean Yves Gautier), a Frenchman of Portuguese descent who doesn't speak his father's tongue but is determined to make contact with his Iberian relatives for the first time.
Summary: New York [USA], Nov 28 (ANI): Online marketplace and hospitality service provider Airbnb announced that its users can now split payments with their fellow travelers, thus reducing the burden on one traveler.
This unique 360 degree platform will help Indian Railways to listen, and gauge valuable feedback from its fellow travelers.
With fellow travelers lulled by their books, their naps, their thoughts or their television shows hooked to headphones, a flight can be delightfully free of interruption and inanity.
SHEARWATER - FELLOW TRAVELERS Shearwater's latest offering is a concept album like no other.
The Chinese New Year, coming up this Sunday, February 10, is China's biggest celebrated holiday, people are traveling all around the country to be with their loved ones; but getting to various destinations via trains and planes can be particularly grueling when surrounded by millions of fellow travelers.
It is bad enough that a small country like Israel has to contend with the likes of Qatar and their fellow travelers in the Arab world, but to have them embraced by the ruling elites in the US and Europe increases the danger to Israel exponentially.
comOs international travel experts, partner sites, input from fellow travelers and friends and usersO own preferences, making old-style guidebooks virtually obsolete.
I did try to explain to her that it was more for the sake of my fellow travelers that I wanted to keep the three of us together.
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