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sharing the feelings of others (especially feelings of sorrow or anguish)

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For all of his effort to determine exact rates of homicide, Roth's analysis rests on plastic definitions of political stability, unity, and fellow feeling, enabling him to find expressions of political harmony or conflict in many eras.
Sympathy, by contrast, "is a fellow feeling with the ideas and emotions of other human beings, or with animals to whom we attribute human ideas and emotions.
1) The first pathway, as Hume exposed in his early writings (Hume 1896; Sutrop 2007), shows that fellow feeling is contagious.
He details the effects on families and communities, particularly felt in cases where parents are behind bars, and experienced more generally in the erosion of fellow feeling and support.
What seems to Jim an unbearable and inauthentic way of life looks that way because it is largely devoid of what Garson describes as a "degree of connection and fellow feeling.
Levi goes on to describe hierarchies among victims, the ways in which victims were made into perpetrators, and the almost complete death of solidarity and fellow feeling (Levi 1988).
Muslim countries), either through fellow feeling with coreligionists or through doctrinal similarities to or divergences from other religions.
A robust sentiment of fellow feeling with three dimensions provides the societal analogue of parental love.
What's remarkable is that this process seems to make Saunders's subjects more familiar, not less, so that what he calls "the emotional pitch of the work" comes through as fellow feeling rather than detachment.
In its own time, Neo-Confucian learning provided both the metaphysical rationale and the systematic curriculum substantiating the idea that fellow feeling is the core shared nature of all human beings.
But, this past week, I have had to admit that even this old republican has had a twinge of fellow feeling for the poor old Prince of Wales.
His long handicap mark was 4st 12lb and I have a certain fellow feeling for any other of God's creatures who also have to tackle life's challenges 5st 2lb wrong at the weights.
For six-plus decades I have nurtured masculine fellow feeling alongside and in the guise of fairy-tale romances, impossible hetero crushes, boyfriends, lovers, and fuck-buddies.
I have to admit to a certain fellow feeling with the doomed king as we enter the last 48 hours before lift-off for the first ever four-day Festival.
BRIGITTE NIELSEN: I had a certain fellow feeling with Brigitte.
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