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Synonyms for fellation

oral stimulation of the penis

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Fellatio, also called fellation, is oral sex performed upon the penis, reports New Scientist.
Despite her restlessness, and the persistence of her muted complaints, he insisted on engaging in fellation in the street, although they lived in rural Alabama and this imperiled them both.
Dans le cas du premier, la nuance grossiere du mot "brouter," designant l'acte de fellation, apparait encore aujourd'hui dans les dictionnaires.
It not only, in part, explains cannibalism and headhunting, but adolescent fellation, sodomy, and superstitions concerning ejaculation and women.
Cette realite a ete reconnue dans le cas d'un revendicateur chilien qui avait ete sodomise par un policier, puis force de faire une fellation a un second policier : C.