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provide sexual gratification through oral stimulation

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I WILL spend my holidays sitting on a Mediterranean beach in 110deg midday heat wearing a nylon football shirt and belching the first verse of Jerusalem (new male citizens)/I will drink 19 vodka and Red Bulls in 12 minutes in a Greek nightclub before flashing my knockers and fellating as many waiters as I can squeeze in before falling asleep in my own vomit (new female citizens).
born Arias, whose folks once caught him dressed as Cleopatra and fellating a neighbor.
An earlier BTW told of the plight of Matthew Limon, who was given a seventeen-year prison term after being convicted by a Kansas court of fellating a fourteen-year-old boy.
1138 (1974) (adult male convicted of consensually fellating another adult male in a car parked off the road).
There was no excrement involved at the Jabberjaw show, just menstrual blood and urine--that is, until a cruel, club-cocked white hustler named Zack (who worked part-time next door at Jewel's Room, the lesbian nightclub annex of Catch One disco) added other bodily fluids to the mix, showboating Psychodrama's set by fellating himself onstage and ejaculating into the audience.
This remark may surprise some, given erotic content that wavers from the comic, to the absurd and, at times, to the offensive - a sequence featuring a 12-year-old boy fellating another might challenge the resolve of some.
Donald Allen was charged with four counts of fellating a fifteen-year-old male hustler.
Yes folks, for the first time ever outside a porno flick, a woman is seen fellating a man.
A kid with the words PARTY PIG stenciled on his forehead was working his way up and down a line of men, fellating them.
Here he is in Tubbing, sporting a platinum-blond wig and stubble in the bath, fellating raw sausage and smearing it and himself with willfully crass transubstantiations of blood and ketchup, semen and lotion.