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Synonyms for fellate

provide sexual gratification through oral stimulation

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The infamous inflatable George Bush being fellated by a blow-up British bulldog, enables George to make his tongue-in-cheek point over Iraq during Shoot The Dog, before taking a short break.
83) This case involved Matthew Limon, an eighteen-year-old, mentally disabled male and the fourteen-year-old male whom he fellated in the group home in which they both resided.
In the car a man in uniform is being fellated by a woman whom he has obviously coerced into performing the act.
Dan sang a tribute to himself (Elton John's Daniel), Nadia fellated a banana.
A 1919 investigation of naval facilities in Newport, Rhode Island, for example, uncovered a group of fairies who fellated sailors.
In Florence, the reverse is true: older men fellated the boys.
After we read Montero's vision of life with Gustav Mahler or Diego Rivera or Auguste Rodin or Frederic Chopin or Robert Graves or Jean-Paul Sartre or Bertrand Russell, the prospect seems hardly less humiliating or more worthwhile than Pamela des Barres's pathetic enumeration of how many rock stars she fellated in I'm with the Band.
1974) (adult male forced 14 year old boy into his car and forced the boy to fellate him and to be fellated by him).