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Synonyms for fellate

provide sexual gratification through oral stimulation

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August talked about being made to fellate Plint each morning.
In Malcolm: The Life of a Man who Changed Black America, Perry claims that, as a junior high school student, Malcolm X forced a fellow schoolmate named Robert to fellate him (29; 396, note 29).
3) If this is indeed the rationale behind Bev's actions; it recalls those undertaken by the eponymous Elizabeth Costello who poses for and later attempts to fellate a dying artist friend.
But whichever way it came about, Ulaqayi did fellate his ZH and then, he said, he moved away to the side where his two sisters were asleep.
This week the grotesque porn star sat by the pool trying desperately to prove she could fellate a 10-inch carrot then snogged the face off innocent Glyn during a drunken game of spin the bottle.
This earns him the chance to fellate Billy, which in turn costs him for the privilege, and this form of sexual encounter is repeated in the course of the film, with bleak variations, always set in a toilet.
For instance, Roger witnesses a Ku Klux Klan meeting at which Klansmen do not hang or burn their captive African American man but, rather, place a noose around his neck and have him fellate them, for pay--a startling scene that makes explicit the sexual dynamics of lynching that simmer in the subtext of James Baldwin's "Going to Meet the Man" and William Faulkner's Light in August and that Robyn Wiegman has explored so provocatively in American Anatomies.
But there remains the question of why aestheticism and domophilia should impel a man to lurk around highway rest stops, looking for truckers to fellate.
That is to say, she takes off her clothes and fellates the nearest man who comes to hand, as it were, even if he is an achondroplastic dwarf.
fancy brown"--colored pencil in his ass as he fellates a
Taormino kneels and fellates the "cowboy's" naturalistic looking strap-on.
Shunji becomes a liberator for Kazumi, unleashing her into a new world of sexual awareness and exploration after he unhesitatingly fellates her toe penis.
Then all fellates their long-lost graduals and so renders them to
In the horrific Blow (Capricho 69), unspeakable, sickening horrors occur: a male witch uses a child as a bellows, forcing air out of his anus, and a simian demon placidly fellates a young boy whose head, legs, and upper body are concealed, rendering him a dehumanized fragment, who may be alive and suffering or already dead.