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En attendant, et selon Abbas Tanji, ingenieur agronome, le probleme qui se pose chaque annee, et qui reste a resoudre, est celui de l'encadrement des fellahs.
Now is a time that we have nothing to lose in the league, so we can only gain from giving young fellahs a feel of life at this level.
But, fellahs, don't let the cops see you in those hairdos
The Times ran with the headline on page three `I say, it's freezing up north and some of these fellahs don't have a tie on', having interviewed one Londoner, who said yesterday's meeting was ``that bit less classy - there aren't so many of the beautiful people here''.
In any case, these fellahs were lucky they were able to walk--or, rather, limp--away from this one.
except maybe those little fellahs from Time Bandits.
In fact,note to the Wrexham FC board here as well,give these fellahs a call.
Here you can confuse yourself by feasting your mince pies on this here Thomas if you are a pukka Cockney and learn how those posh Essex fellahs speak their posh Estuary English.
THE fellahs go mad for stunning actress Ashley Judd and she's mad for them.
Les fellahs seront egalement sensibilises sur le recours aux techniques modernes, l'usage des engrais et l'utilisation rationnelle de l'irrigation agricole (aspersion et goutte a goutte).
Comme l'a laisse entendre Mohammed El Guerrouj tout au long de la seance de presentation des realisations du pilier 2 du PMV, de 2010 a 2014, les fellahs, cibles par ce projet ont largement profite de l'intervention de l'Etat dans la relance de l'agriculture traditionnelle.
90 fellahs but I certainly won't be taking you up on it again, and I don't suppose many others, sober, will either
So, show some snap fellahs and find her a part worthy of her stage presence.
Les fellahs ont egalement fait etat de degats occasionnes a plus de 120 vergers et autres exploitations agricoles, ainsi qu'a deux habitations ou d'importantes quantites d'eau de pluie se sont infiltrees.