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an agricultural laborer in Arab countries

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Maggie's darkness, like the brown fellaheen glow that he associates with Lowell and uses as a watercolor wash throughout the book, is the aura of his ethnicity and working class identity that he values and seeks to preserve.
Conflating the temporality of his 16-year-old memory with the present, the narrator constructs a visionary tableau conjoining Christ's feet nailed to the cross and those of poor fellaheen workers who stand with one foot on the other to keep warm"(1993, 41).
Ironically, he is his most vocal critic, his narrators chastising themselves for lacking the strength to live as a fellaheen.
The young man is John Henry Lewis, a name that evokes the fellaheen railroad worker of folk legend, John Henry.
Iddyboy's outburst is a trademark signal of Kerouac's affinity for the fellaheen.
In The Subterraneans and Tristessa, this vision is strengthened as the white American woman fades into the background, replaced by the fellaheen woman and race mixing.
As the stories unfold, the fellaheen woman becomes the conduit through which the narrators find respite from obligation, regimentation, routinization, and inequality, acting as a metaphor for democracy, offering the gift of personal and social progress though the image of the embracing lovers.
Their faces are dark flat screens upon which Jack and Leo envision a panorama of fellaheen images signifying equality and freedom.
Unbeknownst to Mardou, however, Leo also relies upon her body, voice, and personal history to achieve a complex dissolution of his consciousness producing a fusion with all life forms and a sermon on the condition of the American fellaheen.
Together, they empower Leo to call forth the specter of her father, a fellaheen shadow of himself (1958, 44).
Jack's Mexico City is the heart of fellaheen country, a land cut off from the social hierarchy dominating the United States.