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an agricultural laborer in Arab countries

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It's devastating to lose someone through injury and he's a popular fellah in the squad as well," Earls said.
From left, Amyra Fellah, Rachel Carter and Grace Kirk; students celebrating GCSE success, and Joseph Hampton and Jake Bowen performing
Actuellement a 30% d'avancement, ces actions, qui se poursuivront jusqu'a la fin septembre prochain, sont accompagnees d'autres operations de rehabilitation et de chaulage des facades du ksar et de ses trois principaux quartiers, a savoir Beni Sissine, Beni Ouaguine et Beni Brahim, a explique Rachid Fellah.
It's great for me playing with a fellah who has been through it all, who is a serious player - a leader on the team.
This haven of elite, sophisticated, wealthy citizenry has forced me, a common old working class chap, to do something that will have the old fellah turning in his grave, to wit become posh or move out.
Wonder if that fellah in the ale house is selling cheap hands?
He is also good in the air for quite a small fellah, a terrific player but I truly don't think he'd come to this club.
000 euros au CAM, la ligne de credit accordee avec la garantie du CAM, permettra de developper l'activite de Tamwill El Fellah en matiere de financement des investissements des exploitations agricoles n'ayant pas acces au credit bancaire classique, precise un communique de l'AFD.
Le Conseil consultatif a appele a augmenter la subvention allouee au fellah, tout en lui assurant la sensibilisation necessaire quant aux meilleurs produits agricoles qui lui profiteront et lui assureront les rendements satisfaisants, a rapporte l'agence de presse MENA.
For example, September 9 was chosen as the date for this latest million-person demonstration-coinciding with the National Fellah (Farmer) Day.
An entertaining contest had one more goal left in it though, as substitute Mohammed Fellah scored from long range in injury time.
Liverpool failed to win for the third consecutive pre-season match - and conceded three goals for the third time in succession also - after substitute Mohammed Fellah scored from long range in injury time.
Finbar Lynch's David Costello, the Big Fellah himself, carries it quite well.
They were Najet Khelifi and Zohra Fellah of France and Miroslava Solarova and Marketa Hejlova of the Czech Republic.