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I am satisfied that Billy did not black out at the top of the stairs but fell down by accident by being unsteady on his feet," Mr Woolley said.
She had climbed over a stool to reach the curtain rail but slipped from the stool and fell down through the window which was kept opened," the Gulf News quoted Ahmad as saying.
After reversing his cab on to the trailer, he was checking the vehicle when he fell down an unguarded and unlit stairwell.
Wu said: 'One person fell down on a grate in the park and caused many people to fall down.
Steve: Which one of those guys was the one that fell down while he was rollerblading?
The Alan Bailey-trained gelding, having his second outing and wearing blinkers for the first time, fell down a steep bank before running loose for several minutes on the adjoining golf course.
DERA MURAD JAMALI -- At least four people including woman and children Tuesday died and five others sustained injuries as their bus fell down into a canal here in Sohbatpur area.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- An old tree fell down on four people and killed two at a cafe in ystanbul on Tuesday, which was recorded by security camera of the cafe.
Peshawar -- A bizarre situation created in Governor House on Sunday when Masood Kausar fell down unconscious during his speech here.
A MAN suffered back injuries when he fell down and became trapped in an inspection hatch in a field in Bilston.
I'm taking my dog for a walk when suddenly I fall down a cave and I'm saved by the man of my dreams who I was hoping might ask me out before I fell down the cave," she said.
The 76-year-old former Leeds defender, who managed Boro from 1973-77, winning the former Division Two title in his first season and the Anglo-Scottish Cup, fell down stairs in his home in Northumberland and crawled to the phone to call for help.
Summary: SHARJAH -- In a freak accident, a 24-year-old Indian worker fell to his death after he allegedly fell down the elevator shaft of a building under construction in Sharjah on Tuesday morning.
The man was identified as Danny Karim Bou Shaaya, who fell down an elevator shaft of a building.
Spaniel Lola was walking with her owners when she fell down a slope towards some open land.