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in a felicitous manner

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Musica Folklorica, featuring the magnificent cimbalom player Petr Pavlinec and headed by the first violin Miroslav Kolacia, have felicitously invited as a guest the cimbalom band Horfiacka muzika Martina Hrbate, in which Kolacia plays the second violin or the viola.
Arranged over seven small spaces, felicitously forming a square, are approximately 80 paper works (loaned from the Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop as well as the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation) covering Albers' career from the 1940s onward.
The author felicitously defines the novel as "a tale of desire fulfilled" (139).
To illustrate, he argues that the word realization cannot be felicitously analysed in terms of one sense having primacy over the remaining two.
The discourse facet of the model has to do with speech bubbles that Informant and Beneficiary mentally construe together in order to felicitously conceptualize the trajectory at stake.
The groups of whom this consensus is true are felicitously called racialized groups, terminology preferable to "social construction," "classic racial groups," "ethnic groups," and "ancestral/descent groups.
But it is on the Confessions that his reputation still largely rests, with some support from the equally felicitously titled essays "On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts.
1) But Richard Fallon was particularly helpful in focusing attention on it a decade ago when urging that what federal courts do in the process of constitutional adjudication is more felicitously described under the capacious label "constitutional implementation" than as "constitutional interpretation.
As Medard Boss felicitously formulates, here lies the original contradiction between the therapist's and the client's positions.
As Tinniswood felicitously notes, among the city's library books, the copy of Milton's Paradise Lost was recorded as "lost.
20) The key thing here, however, is that the defence worked, perhaps felicitously, through Murray's character as much as through the nature of his evidence--a character they helped write as they went along.
Or again, consider this repackaging of the famous love-story: "In proposing to Elizabeth, Darcy has clearly followed the imperatives of sexual selection, which in this case felicitously correspond with rather than fight against civilization's cultivated tastes.
The predicates that felicitously occur with them are therefore selected because their own meaning is compatible with that of the constructions themselves.
Prior was a quick study, athletic, and good looking and the ensuing marriage was to empower him with an enhanced sense of destiny and, felicitously, also with the material resources he needed to accomplish what he felt he needed to achieve as someone who could improve the lot of mankind.
One possible answer lies in the ideological attempt to reduce fascism to a caricature and a commonplace of an anachronistic evil empire felicitously erased from our present--which, accordingly, would be the culture diametrically opposed to fascista--and, no doubt, the best possible culture of all.