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in a felicitous manner

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This collection blurs the distinction between reportage and fiction, but felicitously and informatively.
All occurred in what Mark Levene felicitously calls the "rimlands," the ethnically heterogeneous and geopolitically vulnerable shatter zones where new nation-states and the USSR emerged from the old Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and Russian imperial regimes.
It appears to be a felicitously made remark," Erdoy-an said, in response to reporters asking him about the backlash.
This felicitously occurs in the upstairs gallery, where three paintings are exhibited with related preparatory studies, making the regrettable absence of comparative illustrations in the lower level galleries more acute.
Marina Daiman and Stephen Rose's contributions here are perhaps the most felicitously paired of the collection.
Lovatt opens windows onto Johnson's employing tropes of ancient ruins to highlight more contemporary, spiritual ruins, often felicitously contrasting the sounds with which modern life overwhelms one to the silences of older ruins, which theme posits that only death, the ultimate min, will offer release to those who are bombarded with the conflicts that infiltrate life in today's world (whether "today," may be the 1890s or, implicitly, early twentieth-century or more contemporary life).
Its publication felicitously coincides with Bloomsbury's recent release of The Collected Works of Edward Schillebeeckx (11 vols.
Though voiced by Ulliel, the elder YSL is embodied by a different actor altogether: the felicitously cast Helmut Berger, sybaritic superstar of 1960s and '70s Euro-cinema.
Felicitously, the two programs show opposite faces of Odissi; to watch both was to feel how immense this genre can be.
The title of Jean Mills's book, Virginia Woolf, Jane Ellen Harrison, and the Spirit of Modernist Classicism (emphasis mine) felicitously reflects both axes of Mills's argument that reading Woolf "through the prism of Harrison's work" simultaneously illuminates Woolf's oeuvre and assists in "an effort to revive and reclaim Harrison's work, and to point to the degree to which her cultural, political, and scholastic example informed one of the major modernist voices of the twentieth century" (2).
All scenes are full of lavish lighting designs and ideas which contribute felicitously to the moods, emotions and excitement of the piece.
In his early days, Weintraub's brash, decisive approach to business was appreciated by the leaders he was hoping to emulate, but went over less felicitously with his peers.
In my case," he added, "the combination of the gift for graphic presentation combined felicitously with a keen interest in the scientific subject, and with an interest in methods of teaching and learning.
From a pragmatic perspective, presuppositions restrict the class of contexts where a sentence can be felicitously used to make an assertion.