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any of a group of hard crystalline minerals that consist of aluminum silicates of potassium or sodium or calcium or barium

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In southeastern Minnesota, the Van Oser Member is interfingered with the Waukon Member (also of the Jordan Formation) and is overlain by the Sunset Point Member of the Jordan (Ostrom, 1987) that is a fine-grained feldspathic and dolomitic shallow-marine deposit (Thomas, 1992) now referred to the Coon Valley Member of the overlying Oneota Dolomite (Clayton and Attig, 1990; Runkel, 1994).
The MSU forms a southward plunging, pipe-like body of 15 to 60 meters (interpreted across by 10 meters high that runs parallel to, but above, the coarse grained feldspathic peridotite (CGO) intrusion).
Lochness Formation and the feldspathic quartzites and sandstones of the
Chinese potters and later, Japanese and Korean potters, used weathered petuntse, a feldspathic rock that contained very small traces of iron and titanium.
1996] reported that a low-fusing porcelain abraded enamel less than a more conventional feldspathic porcelain, as have others [Derand and Vereby, 1999].
Specific topics include resin bonding to oxide ceramics for dental restorations, comparison of different etching agents and repair materials used on feldspathic porcelain, bond-disruptive stresses generated by resin composite polymerization in dental cavities, thermocycling effects on resin bond to silicatized and silanized zirconia, and shear bond strength of cement to zirconia.
Unconformably overlying the volcanic rocks are 'Timiskaming-type' lithic and feldspathic arenites, wackes and conglomerates (Jambor 1971a).
The peculiar deposition of feldspathic granites over a large portion of this area is suggestive of the fact that rocks have been sharply folded isoclinally causing repetition of bands.
The Hampton Formation contains dark silty and sandy shale, argillaceous shale, feldspathic sandstone and impure quartzite arenites (Rodgers, 1953) interpreted to have been deposited in shallow-marine conditions by Cudzil and Driese (1987).
The sandstone and feldspathic sandstone were used for construction, while during the repair of the bridge piers and spans after the flood of 1890 siliceous sandstone of the Cretaceous age and kaolinitic sandstone were used.
Their products are produced entirely in Italy with high quality feldspathic hard porcelain, extra strong and fired at 1,400 C[degrees].
Aluminous core is stronger than feldspathic porcelain when used in metal ceramic restorations.
clay: a compond of decomposed and altered feldspathic rock consisting of various hydrated silicates of aluminum along with non-plastics, such as quartz, and organic matter.