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any of a group of hard crystalline minerals that consist of aluminum silicates of potassium or sodium or calcium or barium

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The Lucerne pluton is predominantly comprised of a coarse-grained seriate hornblende, biotite granite with megacrystic feldspar crystals.
The property is in active feldspar production and the Company has recently completed a successful test-purchase order for 300 MT.
Varying colours and surface textures were obtained by using the glass waste originated in Eskisehir, instead of ulexite, sodium feldspar and potassium feldspar (by using glass waste in equivalent amounts of the prescribed quantities of raw materials) in the alkaline and boron added standard stoneware glazes.
Geological Survey in Denver argues that because the pieces of shocked quartz and feldspar are largest and most plentiful in the western United States and Canada, the impact must have occurred on the North American continent.
The global market for feldspar is said to show trade volume growth, nevertheless the increasing transportation costs, rising prices of natural gas and fuel oil impede the development of the feldspar industry to some extent.
Table 2: Global Feldspar Market (2011): Mine Production inThousand Metric Tons by Country - Turkey, Italy, China,Argentina, France, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Spain, Poland,Saudi Arabia and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-3
Nevertheless among the challenges faced by the feldspar industry worldwide there are ever rising transportation costs, rising prices of natural gas and fuel oil.
Table 32: Canadian Feldspar, Fluorspar; Leucite; Nepheline
Unimin and Unimin Specialty Minerals process, beneficiate and size nepheline syenite, silica, feldspar and microcrystalline silica to produce flmctional fillers and extenders.
Izett and Pillmore found shocked quartz and feldspar gains in the Raton (N.
com/research/6122d5/world_prices_on_fe) has announced the addition of the "World Prices on Feldspar Analysis" report to their offering.
Depending on results from test work currently underway, the final process design may include a sodium feldspar recovery circuit.
Gold mineralization at the Paymaster West Project is hosted within and peripheral to strongly altered and well mineralized quartz feldspar porphyry.
Malyshevskoye Ore Receives License for Feldspar Deposit