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small croquette of mashed chick peas or fava beans seasoned with sesame seeds

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Simon joked: "We have a captive audience so people who have never tried felafel don't have any choice.
Correct phonetic pronunciations given below) Bruschetta - Italian bread dish Chorizo - Spanish spiced sausage Felafel - Middle Eastern spiced chickpeas Focaccia - Savoury Italian flatbread Tortilla - Mexican unleavened bread wrap Cinsaut - Grape variety Gewrztraminer - German white wine Merlot - Red wine Sangiovese - Italian red wine Viognier - French white wine Answers: Bruschetta - broo-sket-tah Chorizo - chore-reeth-oh Felafel - fah-lah-fel Focaccia - foh-kah-chee-ah Tortilla - tore-tee-yuh (with no hard 'l' sound) Cinsaut - san-so Gewrztraminer - geh-vurts-tra-mee-ner Merlot - mare-low (with no hard 't' sound) Sangiovese - san-joh-vay-zeh Viognier - vee-own-yay
Meanwhile, along Highway 77 linking Tiberias and Nazareth, Mahmoud Nasar is worried about business at his Younis Restaurant, which specialises in felafels and Arab cuisine.
Pop a wholemeal pitta in the toaster, cut in half and fill with two felafels per half and spoon in some spicy salsa.
The 26 strong range has taken its inspiration from dishes from Spain, Italy, Greece and North Africa and includes tapas, meze and antipasti such as Tabouleh, Spanish lamb meatballs, deep fried aubergines with Gazpacho dip, felafels with feta and herb Bourek, crispy fried croquettes, taramasalata, garlic prawns, and calamari.