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small croquette of mashed chick peas or fava beans seasoned with sesame seeds

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Recently returned from the Far East, Dave Myers and Simon King served up a feast of felafels (spicy deep-fried chickpea balls, wrapped in pitta bread).
Anyone who has visited the street markets of China, the felafel sellers of the Middle East or the roadside pizza offerings of Italy will know that street food can be just as rich as that bought in the poshest of restaurants.
Correct phonetic pronunciations given below) Bruschetta - Italian bread dish Chorizo - Spanish spiced sausage Felafel - Middle Eastern spiced chickpeas Focaccia - Savoury Italian flatbread Tortilla - Mexican unleavened bread wrap Cinsaut - Grape variety Gewrztraminer - German white wine Merlot - Red wine Sangiovese - Italian red wine Viognier - French white wine Answers: Bruschetta - broo-sket-tah Chorizo - chore-reeth-oh Felafel - fah-lah-fel Focaccia - foh-kah-chee-ah Tortilla - tore-tee-yuh (with no hard 'l' sound) Cinsaut - san-so Gewrztraminer - geh-vurts-tra-mee-ner Merlot - mare-low (with no hard 't' sound) Sangiovese - san-joh-vay-zeh Viognier - vee-own-yay
The bomb went off outside a packed The Mayor's Felafel restaurant in Tel Aviv's Neve Shaanan district.
The blast went off outside the packed The Mayor's Felafel restaurant in Tel Aviv's Neve Shaanan district.
Starters include things like stuffed pepper, felafel, dolmades and seafood salad.
I HAD always associated the deep-fried chickpea fritters called felafel with Israel.
Grill a wholemeal pitta bread and fill with fat reduced hummous and Cauldron Foods' Felafel.
The Party's Over" starring Philip Seymour Hoffman -- "He Died with a Felafel in His Hand" starring Noah Taylor -- "Inch' Allah Dimanche" from the first-ever female director from Algeria.
There are also four movies from Australia, two - Australian Rules and Beneath Clouds - represent a new wave of ethnic filmmakers Down Under, while He Died With A Felafel In His Hand, is a slacker-style movie and Texas is a music documentary about Russel Crowe's band - Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts.
The books of old Beirut are stuffed into his shelves but the culture around him is homogenised American: well heeled young students who could be in Cairo, Istanbul or New York; four wheel drives, BMWs, Burger King, McDonald's and their Lebanese replicates; not a felafel shop in sight.
At the Centro Social Hondureno Arabe, one can order either Arab dishes like felafel, kibbe, and babaganush, or typical Honduran dishes like fajitas or a plato tipico hondureno--which consists of beef filet with rice, beans, plantains, and tortillas.
New on the Off Tov product list are chicken balls that look and taste like felafel, a ground chick peas-based snack popular with children.
Here are a few others: Largest felafel sandwich: July 2012, Landmark Amman Hotel (YouTube) Street with the most Internet cafes per capita: 2006, University Street (Sharaa Jamaa) in Irbid (Flickr/Erin) Largest sand structure: May 2012, created by the Jordan Tourism Board displayed in Berlin (The Jordan Times) Largest floating human image (peace sign of 262 people): October 2014, Dead Sea (Twitter)
Don't expect to find the staples of Middle Eastern dishes found in the Levant or Egypt -- while hummous, felafel and shawarma are popular here, they are not found in local cuisine.