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Synonyms for feisty

Synonyms for feisty

showing courage


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quick to take offense

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Mike Brown is a feisty character in the England dressing room <B Mike Brown is a feisty character in the England dressing room <B
We're playing for high stakes so I expect it to be feisty.
It will be feisty again on Saturday and that's how we like it, a bit of rough and tumble.
Of her role Zeta-Jones said: "Marina is feisty and very opinionated, so she and Sinbad are equals, while coming from very different places.
I'm on the complete other end of the scale and I think I scared Andrew LloydWebber as I was probably too feisty for him
She's a strong lady, she's feisty, she's very, very fit and I think those portions, having been a supermodel, she'll be used to them so I think she will really thrive.
Davis-Oran differentiates the characters and is a feisty, credible Lucie.
It turns out that the feisty senior citizen is as good a bluffer as she is a runner; she didn't even have a gun
2005 Resie O'Donnell stars as Beth, a feisty but developmentally challenged woman who spends her days riding city buses, in CBS's Riding the Bus With My Sister.
A feisty crew of Brooklyn girls go popping, locking, and arabesquing in Gamon (meaning the "earless lute player").
With salmon and steelhead populations in decline, more and more anglers are turning their attention to the coastal cutthroat, and it's Les Johnson's vast knowledge and love for this fish, coupled with data contributed by biologists and academics from California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and British Columbia that make Fly-Fishing Coastal Cutthroat Trout the indispensable, highly recommended instructional guide for seeking to land this particularly feisty and tenacious
Some readers might find this novel predictably formulaic, but the formula still works for readers who like the details of everyday life and a feisty main character who, no matter how put-upon, triumphs in the end.
In 1819 Earl Tristan Knight panics when he learns his feisty sister Emily has vanished somewhere in London.
The 38-year-old said: 'I think you can be feisty and sexy and be a mum.