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Synonyms for feisty

Synonyms for feisty

showing courage


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quick to take offense

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Whether poorly advised or just drifting "off message," she got into legal imbroglios in which she became the news, instead of explaining it, and too many retorts of "why are you picking on Bahrain," rather than the assertive feistiness which had been so refreshing.
When incidents happen, like they did on Saturday, it adds feistiness to a game then before you know it you're playing the same team a week later.
And they haven't lost any of their feistiness off stage.
London, Jun 1 ( ANI ): American tennis legend John McEnroe has said that he yearned for the return of the old school vicious rivalries in tennis, adding that the game would be more exciting and benefit if players show a bit more feistiness on court.
The 67-year-old Defensor-Santiago, who is known in the Senate for her feistiness and her witty one-liners, had been suffering from a series of medical conditions in recent years, the latest of which had occurred last week, had been mild stroke after she sustained a burst vein in her eye.
Her feistiness, hearty laughter and undying love for her family will be sorely missed by many.
Aimed at around 10-year-olds and upwards, kids will love this heroine for her feistiness and ambition, and her refusal to conform to the norm.
A major problem is Ahmadi-nejad's feistiness and the joy he obviously gets at sparring rhetorically with others.
There's still a feistiness but it's just not as active.
What has remained the same though is Ophelia's feistiness, her wild imagination, her love of climbing trees and eating jelly, and her unreserved self-belief that she can and will solve the problem.
Asked if he would ask Bellamy to tone down his feistiness, Dalglish responded: "No.
I feel we lacked that bit of feistiness and energy last year," said the coach, who thought he had signed Ryan Finnerty only for the Cardiff Devils captain instead opt to take the player-coach's role in Sheffield.
Marvel at Ena Sharples' hairnet, the young good looks of Ken Barlow and the feistiness of Elsie Tanner.
He brought his Puerto Rican feistiness to Ballet Hispanico of New York, toured the world with the Paul Taylor Dance Company, and spent three years in Paris performing with Regine Chopinot's Ballet Atlantique.