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Synonyms for feisty

Synonyms for feisty

showing courage


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quick to take offense

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Her lessons as a Djinn lead to many frightening encounters--and eventual entrapment--as she feistily faces down dangers with a spirited character keeping Heat Stroke vivid.
Restricted to a wheelchair with limited movement of her arms, she feistily rejected categorisation as disabled.
Ignatius was dangling his participle in the Washington Post, the Post's rival paper, the feistily conservative Washington Times, announced that one Kirk Hazen, a professor of linguistics and head of the West Virginia Dialect Project at West Virginia University, was the latest to announce that "no one dialect is superior to another.
Or she could study supermodel Helena Christensen, who looks feistily feminine in tough contemporary pink by choosing stark, structured, unpatterned clothes and keeping jewel-lery to a bare minimum.
Still, Ruth is feistily determined to bear the weight as she begins her claustrophobic daily routine in the Paradise Lagoon condominium in Laguna Beach.
DUBLIN, Ireland - In a new, fermenting Europe that changes shape and structure before one has time to redefine or describe it, even Ireland is a moving target that eludes easy answers as it sheds old stereotypes and peers, now furtively, now feistily, toward the 21st century.
Shelley Campbell, as his wife June, is feistily reluctant to be aboard in the first place but gives an impressive display of her more agreeable side before the voyage is over.
Bryn Terfel was charismatic as the cursed Dutchman, lowest notes probing, the higher reaches honeyed, and Annalena Persson was a feistily strong-willed, passionate Senta, a Wagner singer to look out for.
Any suggestion that this is just a half-hearted dalliance in between acting projects is feistily dismissed by Juliette, who has played a number of other formidable females on screen including Mallory Knox, the other half of the serial murdering duo in Oliver Stone's controversial Natural Born Killers.
His songs have drawn comparisons with John Martyn, Nick Drake and Tim Buckley and feistily insists: "I know I'm good at this - just try and let somebody try to take the opportunity off me
Suzie Ravine (Rosalind) and Camilla Rockley (Celia) come feistily to their responsibilities while Shakespeare pulls his customary trick of disguising a woman as a man and insisting that nobody will notice.
Don't worry if you read a text message about a Clintonite singleton Klingon living as a benefit tourist (while blagging about his stakeholder pension) outside the beltway in a parallel universe, where he's standing on a grassy knoll, feistily fighting a just war in a chat room like some bog-standard Jedi against the Dark Side zapping any Taliban arm candy and smug marrieds.
However, reuniting their Cradle Will Rock partnership, the offbeat chemistry between Turturro's nervy, naive and neurotic Luzhin and Watson's feistily impish Natalia, no fool's mate, ensures the story's emotional gambits play out to a compelling end game.