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Synonyms for feisty

Synonyms for feisty

showing courage


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quick to take offense

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The paneer pakora that I ordered as a starter was of similar quality - good, crumbly cheese offset by the sharpness of the tamarind hidden inside and feistily but deftly spiced.
Along the way John is the target of female attention - his neighbour's granddaughter, feistily played by Victoria Hawkins, pursues him without success.
and Mackenzie's Scottish oedipal drama "Hallam Foe," but both were projects pieced together painstakingly, and at times painfully, by feistily independent local producers--Steve Woolley and Gillian Berrie, respectively.
Now, divorced and her career reduced to occasional shows on the low rent club circuit, she's a bitter, resentful, self-absorbed control freak, intimidatingly demanding constant attention from her teenage sons, shy virgin Tim (a sweetly Grint-like Khan Chittenden) and mentally disabled but feistily articulate Mark (a scene-stealing Richard Wilson).
Along the way, the "begrudgers" and "knockers" are feistily knocked back, with thoughts of fingers stuck in their eyes and the withdrawal of their fodder.
Her lessons as a Djinn lead to many frightening encounters--and eventual entrapment--as she feistily faces down dangers with a spirited character keeping Heat Stroke vivid.
Yet while Fisher feels compelled to sort out theoretical differences, Messer-Davidow more feistily rejects the multi-voiced, or split, tongue with which feminist discourse is spoken in the academy as politically ineffective for the stated goals shared by all feminisms.
When Ewans says "this scene works best if Chrysothemis is played feistily," his understanding about what makes a scene "work" is necessarily influenced by twentieth-century performance practice.
Restricted to a wheelchair with limited movement of her arms, she feistily rejected categorisation as disabled.
Ignatius was dangling his participle in the Washington Post, the Post's rival paper, the feistily conservative Washington Times, announced that one Kirk Hazen, a professor of linguistics and head of the West Virginia Dialect Project at West Virginia University, was the latest to announce that "no one dialect is superior to another.
Or she could study supermodel Helena Christensen, who looks feistily feminine in tough contemporary pink by choosing stark, structured, unpatterned clothes and keeping jewel-lery to a bare minimum.
However, if, as measured by broad popular influence, Howland's gospel of Fourierism, feminism, and free love finally failed to convert many readers, the failure is in part a testimony to the novel's real strengths: its striking challenge to the feminine subordination required by domestic logic, and its feistily optimistic willingness to propose alternatives to mainstream sexual and economic relations.
Still, Ruth is feistily determined to bear the weight as she begins her claustrophobic daily routine in the Paradise Lagoon condominium in Laguna Beach.