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Synonyms for feint

Synonyms for feint

Words related to feint

any distracting or deceptive maneuver (as a mock attack)

deceive by a mock action

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Shuppet: Feint Attack, Astonish, Ominous Wind, Night Shade, Shadow Sneak
Pale gold in colour, Broadstone pours with a feint white head.
With a feint trail of humour laced throughout an otherwise dramatic plotline, there's enough going on here to please lovers of every genre.
Early shots set during the 2011 revolution promise a gritty punch that later feels like a feint, due to strident scenes and relationships only hinting at two-dimensionality.
This book and its illustrations are not for the feint of heart.
There may be many who are concerned that our ultimate interest is in somehow using this as a feint to drive the sales of our commercial platform," Henderson says.
Others relocate, their heart beats feint as careless
Its carcass, thawing in the sun, recalls Wolves gathering, a feint and
He also accused the media of glorifying Obama's feint toward the center, and said the administration is "populated by people who have unlimited faith in limitless government.
Abu Dhabi's motorsport ace, Sheikh Khalid Al Qassimi, gave Portuguese football legend Paulo Sousa the 'drive' of a lifetime when he stepped into the rally star's Ford Focus for a FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) passenger ride - an exclusive opportunity not for the feint hearted.
It means that during the World Cup players will no longer be allowed to halt their run-ups with a feint.
He is described as white, fairly short with mousy brown hair and some feint facial hair.
A King snake should be black or chocolate colour with feint white or lemon stripes.
direction changes, simple and double; --pass feints followed by dribbling; --pass feints followed by another pass; --pass feints followed by throw at the goal; --throw feint followed by pass; --throw feint followed by dribbling; --throw feint followed by another throw procedure; --all variants of goals throws executed only with one arm;
Watching these two feint and jab at each other is like seeing Ali dance with Smokin' Joe.