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Synonyms for feign

Synonyms for feign

to take on or give a false appearance of

to behave affectedly or insincerely or take on a false or misleading appearance of

to contrive and present as genuine

to claim or allege insincerely or falsely

Synonyms for feign

References in classic literature ?
Amongst our lowest orders, the vocal organs are developed to a degree more than correspondent with those of hearing, so that an Isosceles can easily feign the voice of a Polygon, and, with some training, that of a Circle himself.
And this hypocrisy found I worst amongst them, that even those who command feign the virtues of those who serve.
Once impressed to this extent, it would be easy, he said, to win her in a year or two, for she supposed the old man to be poor, as it was a part of his jealous policy (in common with many other misers) to feign to be so, to those about him.
WIND UP Drogba feigns fear as the draw is made MOCKING Drogba feigns fear at quarter-final draw
FAKER: Lafferty feigns injury against Mulgrew CRUNCH TIME: Lafferty's lunge at Hinkel on Sunday
3) The Arden editors mention one case in which a character who feigns a soliloquy explains his tactic, but they fail to mention that in other Renaissance plays (by Shakespeare, Fletcher, and Ford) a character who feigns a self-addressed speech to mislead another character does not explain his or her tactic.
Although she was never diagnosed with Munchausen syndrome, where a person feigns disease or illness for attention, doctors had suspected Ms Arnold may have been a sufferer a Wrexham inquest heard.
The rights of people of color in all aspects of life are protected by law; for the most part the laws are enforced, and when they are not, at least society feigns surprise and disgust.
He playfully traps a cockroach in his mouth, feigns fear with exaggerated expressions and hisses back at the big, brown insects that number in the 200s.
But like the original, this Hamlet only feigns madness; unlike the Dane, there's no hand-wringing about engaging his inheritances.
In a non-developmental reading of Hal, Shannon claims that, insisting on the isolation and self-governance of kings, he feigns but ultimately rejects friendship with Falstaff.
During the warm up I actually had some doubts, because the measuring bar looked like it was stolen from the set of the Chocolate Tour demo where York feigns a broken limb.
As the girls gather closer for further instruction, Scofield feigns claustrophobia.
In "Polite-a-Prompter", a SkyHigh Airlines ticket agent experiences difficulty with his teleprompter glasses as he feigns customer services when greeting customers.