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with great feeling


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She's been a terrible sufferer," said Janet feelingly.
He spoke so feelingly about them that it touched my heart.
I noticed those signs of mental decay to which you so feelingly allude at the last interview I had with her in Mablethorpe House.
But no comfort for anyone could be got by rushing out into the street at this early hour; and so, following the advice of Fyne not to act hastily, they both sat down at the window and stared feelingly at the great house, awful to their eyes in its stolid, prosperous, expensive respectability with ruin absolutely standing at the door.
This shocked me a trifle, as you may suppose; but I was comforted to hear that he had frightfully fractured his skull and broken a leg; for, assured of the falsehood of this, I trusted the rest of the story was equally exaggerated; and when I heard my mother and sister so feelingly deploring his condition, I had considerable difficulty in preventing myself from telling them the real extent of the injuries, as far as I knew them.
He spoke very feelingly, and I looked at him earnestly, remembering that last afternoon, when he had been deliberating whether or not to speak.
He has already spoken feelingly to you, he has already spoken feelingly to me, and he'll put the whole thing feelingly to Jack.
The judge on passing sentence commented feelingly upon the depravity and callousness of the young prisoner.
We have said everything to each other by now, Kirylo Sidorovitch, "said the high official feelingly, pressing Razumov's hand with that unreserved heartiness a Russian can convey in his manner.
You spoke so feelingly to me last night, sir, and I found afterwards that you had been so generous to my father, that I could not resist your message, if it was only to thank you; especially as I wished very much to say to you--' she hesitated and trembled, and tears rose in her eyes, but did not fall.
I have a prospect of getting on in life and elevating myself by my own independent exertions,' says Wegg, feelingly, 'and I shouldn't like--I tell you openly I should NOT like--under such circumstances, to be what I may call dispersed, a part of me here, and a part of me there, but should wish to collect myself like a genteel person.
Leo Hunter on her breakfasts, feelingly and originally observed.
In his courage and perseverance throughout the Revolution, George Washington revealed his reliance on patience--and feelingly used the word when referring to his men at Valley Forge.
His feet become briefly a kind of sensory organ for contact with reality, for "seeing it feelingly," (4.
When Lear asks the source of his insight, Gloucester replies, "I see feelingly.