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I went 1,000ft in the air, but I had no feeling of movement because it was so smooth - it's similar to the feeling in a plane but you're in the open air," said Sylvia, who has three children, eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
Ciardi wrote, "There is a palpable feeling of movement and improvement in our schools.
And they've already produced some terrific pieces of art - some 3D designs using parts of vehicles and photographs using a slow shutter speed to get a feeling of movement.
A feeling of movement predominates, from the bowed sliding doors that open onto the first-floor student lounge, to the 3,600-square-foot outdoor pavilion that serves as a combination theater stage, experimental performance space, and garden.
I kind of became addicted to the solitude of riding alone, the camaraderie of riding in a group, and the feeling of movement, of motion and the wind coursing through my hair on descents,'' said Shah, 41.
The geometry of the shapes is shifted a few degrees from center, giving the whole collection some tension and feeling of movement.
You need to create a feeling of movement through sensations coming from the motion base.
Despite the static geometric surface of Al Quasbah, the painting communicates a strong feeling of movement.
But for all the collection's ease, there is also a feeling of movement and progress.
Katrina Blannin's Double Hexad- Black Pink comprises several geometric shapes which give a feeling of movement and perspective.
I'm torn between these studies and his portrayals of animals, particularlyWelsh cobs and sheepdogs, which capture the feeling of movement so well you want to reach out and stroke the subject.
The foliage is reminiscent of maples with five to seven lobes on each leaf - these are borne on longer than normal leaf stalks, giving the tree a feeling of movement in summer as the leaves flutter, even in a gentle breeze.
The exterior lines run the length of the body, creating a ribbon- like effect from the front headlights to the rear wheel arches, evoking a feeling of movement and power.
After a little background on Degas, I emphasized his compositions and the feeling of movement in his dancers.
Videos, 3D product renderings, and motion-infused image treatments all add to the feeling of movement while giving customers engaging and informative tools for product configuration.