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the raw material that is required for some industrial process

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a biodiesel company, today said it initially plans to use refined waste vegetable oil from Ever Green Renewable Energy Development for feedstock, but future plans call for sourcing feedstock from local North Carolina suppliers.
Our first quarter feedstock and energy bill leapt a staggering 42 percent year over year, and that trajectory has continued, with the cost of oil and natural gas climbing ever higher," Liveris said.
Near-term obstacles for the emerging cellulosic ethanol industry are the inefficiencies associated with immature feedstock production practices, marketing and logistics systems, and conversion processes.
Upon completion of the Jackson crumbing facility, Lehigh will have the capacity to process more than 100 million pounds of scrap tire material into high quality crumb rubber feedstock.
Even though the biodigestion process naturally reduces the pathogen load, handling biogas feedstock and using biogas slurry as fertilizer does carry some risk of infection.
And SDK's ethylene plant in Oita is already the leader in Japan in terms of the use of non-naphtha feedstock.
The proposed Joffre Feedstock Pipeline will be built primarily along an existing NOVA Chemicals pipeline right-of-way.
Risk strategies: Dow has taken a number of steps to mitigate feedstock price volatility including adding new co-generation facilities and improved overall manufacturing efficiency; using a global network of manufacturing plants, which allows it to supply export markets from lower cost sites; maintaining manufacturing flexibility, which allows it to optimize feedstock mix, reducing exposure to higher cost feedstocks.
Fortunately, some easing of energy and feedstock costs is expected to come around April.
The project will engage the agricultural industry in producing the feedstock, and there will be a guaranteed purchaser of the feedstock, he adds.
It uses about 800,000 t/y of phosphate ore as feedstock.
com/research/f8215c94/petrochemical_indu) has announced the addition of GlobalData's new report "Petrochemical Industry - Key Geographies Experiencing Change in Feedstock Scenario" to their offering.
The aggregate energy content in the cellulose-based feedstock has the surplus to cover the energy for generation and the whole life cycle of the fuel.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's National Petrochemical Company (NPC) has agreed to offer up to 30% discounts on the feedstock supplied to petrochemical plants in remote regions of the country, the company's chief said.
The terminal, to be situated on offshore Jurong Island, will allow companies to import greater quantities of LPG, which is used as a feedstock in the production of chemicals.