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a vessel fitted with a flexible teat and filled with milk or formula

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Now parents who use feeding bottles to give toddlers drinks are being warned - you are damaging your child's teeth.
But they know it can be passed on when parents lick or suck dummies or feeding bottles before giving them to the child.
You are a Settlement Class Member if you purchased or acquired (including by gift) certain Avent or Philips Avent branded baby bottles and sippy cups made with polycarbonate plastic that contained BPA including the Airflex Natural Feeding Bottles (4 oz, 9 oz, or 11 oz), Avent Natural Feeding Bottle or Feeding Bottle (4 oz, 9oz or 11 oz), and Avent Magic Cup (7 oz or 9 oz).
Poor diets, especially sugary drinks in feeding bottles, have been blamed.
They hold a massive selection of baby clothes, including christening gowns and layettes for low birth-weight babies and a vast range of equipment with everything from bedding to buggies and furniture to feeding bottles.
RAT infestation is so bad in an Irish town that the vermin are eating the teats of baby feeding bottles, it was claimed yesterday.
The baby care portfolio includes teats, soothers, feeding bottles and other infant care accessories sold primarily under the globally recognized NUK brand, as well as the Tigex, Lillo, Fiona and First Essentials brands.
Scientists have developed a remarkable gel which dissolves tooth decay, using a household disinfectant more commonly used for sterilising baby feeding bottles.
The youngsters, who donated food, straw, hay and feeding bottles, were spurred into action by playgroup leader Diane Bringlow.
Experts say the bacteria - helicobacter pylori - can be passed on if parents lick or suck dummies or feeding bottles before giving them to the child.
Contract notice: Supply of medical devices for adult and pediatric enteral nutrition and feeding bottles and accessories.
The new baby section will sell everything from clothing and bedding to prams and cots, as well as feeding bottles and soft toys.
In a garden shed, supplied by B&Q, he collected 192 samples of river water in pet feeding bottles, supplied by Duncan's Pet and Garden Centre.