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a vessel fitted with a flexible teat and filled with milk or formula

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Bisphenol A's recent ban from baby feeding bottles in India and 35 other countries has triggered more awareness on the ill-effects of the bubble tops.
10,11] The difference in our study population was that we did not have access to special feeding bottles and palatal obturators.
Successful surgical management of unusual intestinal obstruction by a feeding bottle nipple.
AN advert for a baby feeding bottle which said it was "clinically proven to reduce colic and help settle your baby" was misleading, the industry watchdog said yesterday.
Maybe my daughter Una will grow up resenting me because I didn't feed her from a pounds 40 Burberry feeding bottle but, if she does, I'll ask myself where I went wrong.
In this context, early use of a pacifier and/or feeding bottle may cause some infants to adopt a faulty breastfeeding technique, the so-called nipple confusion, which may lead to early weaning.
The flask keeps water hot then, to warm baby's milk, just place the feeding bottle into the plastic outer shell and pour the water over.
She recognises the sound of her feeding bottle being washed out, knows which cupboard the milk powder is kept in, and leaps onto the lap of any one who sits in what has become the "feeding chair".
The Avent Airflex Natural Feeding Bottle features a special vane built into the nipple that allows an infant to control milk flow in a similar manner as when breast-feeding.
We found some sisters washing the floor, with their saris hitched up and another was rocking a baby and feeding it from a feeding bottle.
In the lapse of a second I feel taken by the warmth of the feeding bottle in the palm of the hand, accompanied by the taste of warm milk which slowly goes down, leaving a trail of bubbles behind it.
Yet there was not a feeding bottle anywhere in the department, Dr Raj Anand, then Associate Professor of Paediatrics at Nair, told the international visitors he was showing round.
Examples of products regulated under the CCPSA Regulations include: candles, carriages and strollers, jewellery, sleepwear, glazed ceramics, infant feeding bottle nipples, kettles, pacifiers, phthalates, playpens, restraining systems and booster seats for motor vehicles, science education sets and surface coating materials.
2006 -- Kuwaiti lady inventor Fatimah Al-Thallab was honored with a golden award by the ministry of health for innovating a feeding bottle for babies born with cleft lips.
The Khor Fakkan police arrested the maid after the mother of the baby, who is suffering from a brain disorder, grew suspicious when she opened her daughters' feeding bottle and smelt a chemical substance.