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Presently he crouched upon his kill and resumed feeding.
Quite detached, almost may I say, I looked on my hand being ground up, knuckle by knuckle, joint by joint, the back of the hand, the wrist, the forearm, all in order slowly and inevitably feeding in.
And there I stood, up to the elbow and feeding right on in.
There wasn't any sense in slowly feeding in till my head was crushed, and already my arm was pulped half way from elbow to shoulder, and the pulping was going right on.
Think of feeding an eight-hundred-dollar head along with it.
After feeding, the uncovered craw protrudes; at such times, and indeed generally, the Carrancha is an inactive, tame, and cowardly bird.
But how to wrest the body of his victim from the feeding lion was the first question to be solved.
Sometimes Manu would come running early in the morning to awaken Tarzan and tell him that Bara, the deer, was feeding close at hand, or that Horta, the boar, was asleep in a mudhole hard by, and in return Tarzan broke open the shells of the harder nuts and fruits for Manu, or frightened away Histah, the snake, and Sheeta, the panther.
The tribe was feeding in the forest beside the clearing where Gunto, and Taug, and Tarzan had so harassed Numa and finally taken away from him the fruit of his kill.
However, some experts contend that feeding dives aren't bad for sharks, aren't responsible for attacks and educate the public about the animal's ecological importance.
Feeding a child formula avoids that hazard, but it's less healthy for the baby in other ways and more expensive for the family (see related story, p.
Either way, mealtime is more than feeding your baby.
In terms of feeding objects that feed can be divided into pig feed, poultry feed, aquaculture feed, ruminant animal feed and special animal feed.
Design provides first-in/ first-out (FIFO) feeding to the extruder and eliminates segregation of virgin pellets and additives.