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Synonyms for feedbag

a canvas bag that is used to feed an animal (such as a horse)


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Everybody's so up and positive running about in there that you feel like you need a bucket to be sick in strapped to your nose like a horse's feedbag.
Straight to his stall: Dance Brightly - Pleasant Reign, with the feedbag in my hand and my reflection in his wary eyes.
WASHINGTON - There may be a war on, but that hasn't kept Congress from putting on the feedbag for another feast of pork barrel spending.
Bucks are never more visible than they are in late summer on soybean, alfalfa and clover fields, putting on the feedbag in preparation for the sleepless days of running and chasing that will come in only a couple of months.
Have the feedbag ready when you get out of the water because there's nothing like a hard ocean swim to create a gigantic case of the "munchies.
They don't have hands like you to help themselves to the feedbag.
Langer notes that the protostar is already about 150,000 years old and will probably double its age before it reaches maturity and takes off the feedbag.
The finance committee's members had had their feedbag tied on so long that they would never be able to deny it.
American consumers are bellying up to the feedbag at Chili's and Macaroni Grill.