feedback loop

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a circuit that feeds back some of the output to the input of a system

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Additionally, the MCP1631 is controlled by an easily-programmable microcontroller, meaning that exact charge profiles for a variety of battery-charging systems can be accurately met, while closing the feedback loop with the speed and precision needed for safe charging and long battery life.
Positive feedback loops aren't the exclusive property of elite private colleges.
The researchers believe their modular approach to investigate the role of multiple feedback loops could also be used to unravel mechanisms that other bacteria use to control bistability.
When individuals act based on these social meanings, they construct feedback loops that appear to validate the false assumption of natural differences that people tacitly accept in their everyday lives.
A positive regulation of estradiol on the rate-limiting enzyme for its synthesis comprises a positive feedback loop.
NEW YORK -- Return Path, the leading email management company, has announced the establishment of a feedback loop for USA.
In a demonstration of the technique's sensitivity, they also showed that a small alteration in the feedback loop would increase the amount of noise, causing the mirror to heat up.
We understand the back and forth of politics, but what is also on display in this tidy episode is the short-circuiting of the policy feedback loop.
This approach creates digital communities based on 100% brand-specific content and forms a positive feedback loop between advertisers and consumers.
Still, a gallery show of these archival materials cannot help but feel doubly ghostly: The career was brief, the artist is gone, and the work exists only as a feedback loop of secondary objects, sh oring up a core that has disappeared.
While the details may vary from organism to organism, this core feedback loop appears to lie at the heart of the biological clock mechanism in organisms ranging from yeast to humans.
This approach forms a positive feedback loop in which advertisers work with consumers rather than just advertising "at them.
Nero has broken the first commandment of the Dealer's Credo - "never get high off your own supply" - and has be come a memory addict, hooked on a feedback loop of happier times with a femme fatale who has gutted his life by the time the film begins.
By moving the sample up or down, a feedback loop keeps the tracking force of the probe constant.