feedback circuit

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a circuit that feeds back some of the output to the input of a system

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Placing the electrometer in the volts mode and then enabling external feedback switches the feedback circuit from an internal network to a feedback circuit connected to the preamp output.
If any of the feedback circuits are improperly specified, then the amplifier will oscillate.
An integrated optical feedback circuit ensures consistent playback at 45 or 33-1/3 RPM by continually monitoring the speed and automatically adjusting for any variation.
A sense resistor feedback circuit that eliminates a filter
The integrated slope compensation circuit, feedback circuit and MOSFETs significantly reduce the external part count.
New distortion elimination circuitry enables users to control geometric screen distortions more precisely, while a dynamic stabilization feedback circuit stabilizes the screen image without a fluctuation in the brightness level.
Based on a dense, IC-like microcell structure, the MCT is a voltage- gated, high-power switching device built around an MOS gate structure that controls a classical bipolar thyristor that has both PNP and NPN transistors connected in a regenerative feedback circuit.
Only one compensating point for all control loops, minimizing external capacitor count and simplifying feedback loop compensation -- An enhanced current sense amplifier that improves accuracy -- A sense resistor feedback circuit that eliminates a filter capacitor and improves full-charge accuracy
Incorporating a negative feedback circuit and a multi-stage matching circuit, this new wideband matching technology enables increased wideband performance of 440-520 megahertz (MHz) from the previous generation's range of 440-490 MHz.
But as power supply switching frequencies went over 1 MHz, the feedback circuit of the power supply became faster than electronic loads with step changes of 10 or 20 microseconds.
It also features a luminance feedback circuit so that Daylight auto-balances to the values set, giving consistent light-level at all times, making Daylight the perfect companion to the PressView SR Display system.
The section on feedback circuits is written by John Choma, Jr.
Doogood Conservatory founder/ free skate philanthropist Ari Evan Gold was last seen exhibiting his art dumpster at Coachella festival and handing out bio feedback circuits at the X-Games.
As far back as 1943, neurophysiologists working in the field of artificial intelligence showed that a few idealized nerve cells, hooked together as feedback circuits, could perform logical processes and make simple calculations.
Built-in feedback circuits maintain constant output.