feedback circuit

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a circuit that feeds back some of the output to the input of a system

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These current sources comprise a feedback circuits to compare real welding current and its reference value [2]-[4].
FIGURE 2 illustrates a generalized feedback circuit connected to a source impedance.
If any of the feedback circuits are set incorrectly, then the amplifier will oscillate.
1] = insertion loss coefficient of feedback circuit (including the directional coupler, attenuator and phase shifter)
The system is a Mach-Zehnder, homodyne-type optical fiber laser interferometer with a phase compensation feedback circuit.
The signal power can vary as a result of the feedback circuit and reflected signal interactions.
To ensure that process commands are accurately met, an optional closed-loop feedback circuit is available.
Parallel adders are combinatorial design which is not clocked, does not have any memory and feedback circuit elements for adding every bit position of the operands in the same time.
A three-phase BLDC system usually contains four fundamental blocks--a power stage to drive the motor, a feedback circuit to detect the rotor position and perform current sensing, an MCU or digital signal controller (DSC) to perform pulse-width modulation (PWM) control and housekeeping, and voltage regulators to power the digital, analog, and gate drive circuits.
The research team found that miR-124 and another key controller of the feedback circuit, HNF4a, showed reduced activity in the cancer cells.
For those who need a brush-up, Gonzalez thoughtfully describes the conditions for stable oscillation and analyzes the series feedback circuit in appendices.
L] and the internal nonlinear capacitance of the transistor compose the feedback circuit.
Hydraulic pressure is controlled by a closed-loop feedback circuit to a proportional valve in order to maintain uniform clamping force.
3, when a feedback circuit on one of the gyroscopes ceased working.