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the process in which part of the output of a system is returned to its input in order to regulate its further output

response to an inquiry or experiment

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Extrinsic feedback motivates too many trial-to-trial adjustments, which can impede consistency in performance.
10] They were notified of their relationship to peers and were compared to a control group with no feedback.
Suppliers agree that much of the confusion surrounding servo robots stems from the many ways the various basic components--motor, feedback device, and controller--can be configured together.
When evaluations matched self-concepts, students in both groups favored positive over negative feedback, but only to a moderate extent.
Be prepared for brutally frank feedback from some clients.
29) This level of leadership is key to the culture change that must take place to establish effective feedback as an integral part of USAF culture.
To feedback or not to feedback in student self-assessment.
However, a straightforward, short, concise feedback form handed in at the end of each class session is appropriate and helpful in determining student reaction.
She was able to improve her legato technique as she worked with the feedback from the Disklavier and piano roll.
As with all current feedback amplifiers, CFA stability is dependent upon the feedback resistor used.
At the same time, new leaders fail to ask for performance feedback out of intellectual arrogance or believing their own press about past accomplishments.
The feedback system has the capability of creating a wide array of tactile sensations, but BMW and Immersion chose to stick to familiar ones, lest people be overwhelmed and-ultimately-turned off.
In Radical Software art and activism were shown to be formally equivalent on account of their shared practice of feedback.
The Authoring and Business Logic module is used to design and deploy feedback campaigns through various channels, such as Web site pop-up on entry or exit, e-mail, call center, banner ad or hyperlink, or mobile devices.
The dc bias current requirement and the cold dc resistance of an individual detector determined the feedback resistor value for the operational amplifiers.