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grain grown for cattle feed

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28 Kyodo The government and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) plan to pay farmers 40,000 yen per 1,000 square meters for growing wheat, soybeans and feed grains to improve Japan's self-sufficiency in these crops, officials said Thursday.
Since the protein content of some feed grains is higher than others, home-steaders will need to keep that fact in mind.
And feed grain guzzles water, some of which is pumped out of dwindling undergroun source.
Restrictions on exports might even mean that high-quality malting barley has to be down-graded and sold as feed grain in order to find a home for it.
If you feed grain in the litter, you should pick up a handful of litter once in a while and examine it for grain.
Supply of fodder and feed grain types and quantities according to the needs of the territorial divisions of the Southwest state enterprise.
A US government report said feed grain prices increased by 30 percent (corn) to 91 percent (feed barley) in the last month due to significant losses in feed grain and in other fodder crops such as grass and pasture crops in the drought affected provinces.
Thirdly, we are disseminating the guide on a very widespread basis to feed and pet food manufacturers, feed grain and ingredient suppliers, and to dealer /retail networks, among others.
Contract notice: Supply of fodder and feed grain for the needs of southwest state enterprise.
3 million tonnes of grain every year from receival and storage sites at Coolamon, Ardlethan, and Goolgowi, which will feed grain through to the terminal through rail and road.
This expansion will further develop Gavilon's wheat and feed grain distribution network worldwide.
January 26 2010 -- The Poultry Science Association (PSA) is warning poultry farmers that the late corn harvest and adverse weather has increased the chances that certain mycotoxin-producing moulds may be present in the feed grain.
Like others in our industry, the Company's financial results were affected by feed grain costs, which were significantly higher than they were in the same period a year ago, and higher than the first quarter of this year.
Julius Schf, USGC chairman, said "with China's meat consumption growing and subsequent growth in feed demand, the United States is in a unique position, both in its capacity to produce and its variety of products, to respond and meet China's feed grain needs.
The analysts said the country's pork industry is being affected by the growth of biofuels which have raised feed grain prices worldwide as well as constraints surrounding country of origin labeling (COOL) legislation in the US and a sustained trend of a high Canadian dollar combined with weakening U.