feed bunk

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a long trough for feeding cattle


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This feed bunk was already here when I bought this place.
1] DM) Feed bunk 1180 637 Mound 53 431 Down-gradient 44 330 Ditch 473 64 ([dagger]) The cattle feedlot was constructed on Hastings silt-loam soils (fine montmorillonitic, mesic Udic Agriustolls).
Proximity sensors are able to provide a location within a few feet, thereby providing information when the animal is at the water trough or at the feed bunk.
The computer decides whether it's time to milk the cow or just let her eat, and opens the corresponding gate to the milker or the feed bunk.
An extension and free-stalls were added to the feed bunk area to enhance cow comfort.
They were everywhere--on the feed bunk, on the livestock watering tanks, on the barn cleaner, on the equipment--everywhere.