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  • verb

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submit (information) again to a program or automatic system


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respond to a query or outcome

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The sensitive has to feed back some of that wasted energy, as Nefastis describes it.
Richards has received positive feed back from their clients about the upgrades.
From their blog they can easily and often update the content, communicate with consumers, promote products and services, inform consumers of specials, get customer feed back, post jobs, and more at a very affordable price.
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- GlobalCollect, the leading Payment Service Provider specializing in online alternative payment methods to credit cards has received very positive feed back from its pilot customers of iDEAL, the new Dutch real-time banking payment method.
Stated Jeremy Maines, Director of Spectrum's Information Technology Division, "Last year's inaugural event produced new Safe Range orders of well over $1,000,000 and provided invaluable feed back from the participants, which we used to supplement the continuing development of this unique & critical military software application.
Transall provides users with a rapid development tool to effectively and easily accept data from a variety of data sources in standard and priority formats, and then organize the data as needed to feed back office systems or data repositories," said Bruce Dale, senior vice president, products, Docucorp International.
Rhodes has a unique background as both a technologist and sales executive that will enable her to provide truly consultative support to IPC customers and to feed back actionable marketplace intelligence to IPC.
They are also being used in the field for checking delivery accuracy using GPRS connectivity to feed back data in real time and to check accuracy of deliveries against invoices.
18micron and below process, and a way to fix problems with ECO scripts that feed back into place and route tools.
Customer feed back from field tests, such as the Kamata unit, is essential to the development of next generation designs for the commercial market in Japan.
Peak output voltage and eye crossing are adjustable and it has an output level detector and feed back loop to stabilize the output swing.
We can now benefit from the visual representation that JTAG Visualizer provides, which will allow us to conduct our design-for-test analysis even more rapidly and thoroughly, and feed back any DFT requirements to the design groups at the earliest possible stage.
Fault information gathered from the test platforms in the validation process must feed back information to the DFT tools to pinpoint the fault in the new design.
The CompuFlow technology can be used to deliver greater amounts of local anesthetic than can be readily administered by "The Wand" or where feed back of precise measurements of in-tissue pressure is required.