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severe mental deficiency

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127) Working for Olson, Hickson found high rates of feeblemindedness (128) in his subjects.
military's intelligence testing and screening for feeblemindedness as readily as Gandal.
that the legal requirements for feeblemindedness desperately needed to
In plotting the "evolution" of "reasons for sterilization," during the 1930s about 10 percent of reasons made some reference to a family history of mental health problems or feeblemindedness compared with only 2 percent of the 1940s cases.
In a sense, then, "Arthur Jermyn" is its own "study in the heredity of feeblemindedness.
Dan Bryant's contribution as "unwitting" is utterly patronizing, suggesting poor judgment or feeblemindedness on the part of Bryant.
In fact, some of the figurative expressions that mean crazy tend to shade over into those that simply connote feeblemindedness.
129) Moreover, "[i]f ills such as unemployment, feeblemindedness, or normadism were genetic in origin, then the rational and efficient way to eliminate these problems would be to prevent people with such hereditary defects from breeding.
The text moved beyond strict natural law arguments to reflect on the social and cultural implications of the laws, suggesting that the vast power granted to the state through the legislation would eventually be used to oppress the poor: "Feeblemindedness is very often the cause of poverty and poverty is so often the cause of feeblemindedness that there is danger of confusing one with the other.