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the idea of a federal organization of more or less self-governing units

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If we agree on this premise for a start, I think even the skeptics and critics of federalism will give a fair hearing.
He analyzes schemes, movers, and motives and provides detailed accounts of several specific incidents that were important in the evolution of federalism but have not featured prominently in any published account of the period.
Forging unity with the MNLF to call the President to declare a revolutionary government (RevGov) to realize federalism are the Cordillera People's Liberation Army (CPLA), Rebolusyonaryong Alyansang Makabansa (RAM), Philippine Solidarity Federal Party (PSFP), Guardians fraternity and retired military officers associated with ex-putchist Gen.
President Rodrigo Duterte said he wanted the Philippines to adopt the French model of federalism, where there is a prime minister and a president.
It is important that we feel the support of the public because this federalism is for the welfare of the people,' said Puno.
Through the federal form of government, you will be given autonomy to implement policies and programs that will propel your economy and improve your peoples living status, Padilla said during the first federalism summit here.
According to a press release, the Chairman was invited by the forum of federations to address an international Conference on Federalism.
The Syrian dilemma is that its federalism would be based on a sectarian and ethnic basis, and this can be deduced from the current battles between the conflicting powers on the ground.
Thus Federalism based on realistic provincial and local autonomy must be vital component of reconstruction of State's institutions in order to combat social and political fractures.
It is this author's considered opinion that as far as federalism is concerned the resolutions of Equatoria Community dated 30th January 2015 which the Governors took to Addis Ababa are a turning point indeed.
Though its title does not indicate as such, the Global Promise of Federalism is a well-deserved Festschrift for political scientist Richard Simeon, the distinguished scholar of Canadian and broader federalisms.
48) Federalism, then, doesn't just take the sting out of losing, but helps bind winners and losers to national politics.
Sana'a: Political analysts and economists in Yemen have warned that the country's "quick" decision to move to federalism could be self-defeating since it is not prepared for the transformation.
Islamabad -- A five-day Course on Federalism and Decentralisation for academia concluded in Islamabad with a resolve to make taught courses on political science contemporaneous by integrating studies on recent constitutional developments into the curriculum.
When Mario Albertini, writing in 1963, sought to treat federalism as a political theory in its own right, he made a combined use of the writings of Immanuel Kant and Alexander Hamilton, two figures not typically discussed together, in order to identify the three main pillars of federalism as a political theory: from Kant, he derived peace as the value of federalism; from Hamilton, he identified the proper institutional characters of the federal state for ensuring peace; and from Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, he articulated the vision of the evil of national absolute sovereignty and the need for multi-level systems of government from the local to the cosmopolitan level.